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“Mommy, Was I Stage 4?”

Every year, in September, the childhood cancer world swells up a little bigger and asks for recognition.  Go Gold. Think about childhood cancer.  Ask for research.  Honor the survivors and reach out a hand to those who have buried their warrior. 
A new walk-in clinic has opened in Rochester MN just in time for this fall sports season making it much easier to treat things like sprains and simple bone fractures among other injuries.
Looking for new ways to get out on the water? We have you covered! These activities are for the whole family, and would also make a lovely date night.
Are you confident in your ability to identify which plants are poisonous plants? Keep your kids safe by learning these four plants.
My advice is, if you are vomiting and have not kept anything down for 24 hours GO IN. It's not a time to try and avoid the ER or clinic.
I think allowing them to be home alone for periods of time is beneficial. They need to be challenged and have responsibility.
I did things I’ve never done, things I miss doing, things I’ve wanted to do and things I love doing. I moved more slowly and mindfully.

Speak Up!

The audiologist shared the graph that revealed my moderate hearing loss and my inability to clearly understand treble sounds – the sounds of women and children’s voices – the people with whom I spent a good 90% of my day.
We are so pleased to bring you the 2019 Guide to Running, Races & Fun Runs: a complete guide to all the races and fun runs in our area!
Sleeping used to be my absolute favorite hobby, of course, this was before my son was born. I loved relaxing and often took naps on the weekend.

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