As a registered dietitian, I decided to investigate the question: Are non-dairy 'milks' nutritionally adequate substitutes for children?
Looking for new ways to get out on the water? We have you covered! These activities are for the whole family, and would also make a lovely date night.
I could tell I was panicking. I wasn’t scared of catching the virus, but I was scared of wearing that mask every time I needed to go into public.
I do still worry about melanoma, but know that by getting regular check-ups I am doing everything I can to catch anything as early as possible. Catching it early saved my life, and can save yours.
Are you confident in your ability to identify which plants are poisonous plants? Keep your kids safe by learning these four plants.
While virtual races have existed for years, many local race organizers have cancelled their in-person races and gone "virtual" for this summer.
The underlying condition that brought about my rib misery is a genetic connective tissue disorder called hypermobile Ehlers-Dalos Syndrome (EDS).
Fast forward to the year 2020, and COVID-19. The pandemic has changed a lot of things in our labor and delivery unit.
Sometimes the truth is tough. The beast (my anxiety) has been there most of my life. Now I am aware of my triggers or when I am having an off day.
In my previous post, I shared my story with postpartum depression, and now am sharing my journey from my husband Jason's perspective.

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updated April 2021 Parenting is tough work!  Sometimes you just want to hear that toddler tantrums happen in more than just your home, "threenager" is...