Custom Alarm has a special offer for all Rochester MN Moms Blog readers. This offer will help you get started with the safety and security your family deserves. This is an incredible deal – over $1000 in savings off the regular package price – crafted specifically for you based on your feedback on what concerns you most about your family’s safety.
As we are preparing ourselves for another glorious Minnesota summer, make sure your family is prepared for these helpful safety tips! We also have a FREE printable so these tips are easily accessible.
Sharing your spring break or any vacation plans on social media is an open invitation to thieves who are looking for an easy target.
Think you've seen all that a Minnesota winter has to offer?  When it comes to your home, think again!  Make sure you're as prepared as possible using this printable checklist
 These simple fixes could have prevented the amount of damage done to our home and saved us thousands of dollars on repairs.

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