While I loved cooking, figuring out what to feed my family during those busy years was sometimes more frustrating than not having the time to make it!
Let me give it to you straight, just like I do my students: I’m a teacher in mourning. I’ve experienced so much grief in the last few weeks and absolutely no closure.
Is there anything better than a taco? No, really, is there? We recommend eating tacos anytime, anywhere (for example all of our amazing #rochmn taco trucks), and as often as you can.  Thankfully, the Rochester MN community is blessed by...
So began my education into all that is Star Wars, love for the characters, and why now I am showing my daughter the ways of the Force.
As the Rochester culinary scene has grown in the last several years, we're happy to see so many local food trucks pop up. The taco truck in particular is a local favorite.
The kids have enjoyed helping and watching our little seedlings grow. We're learning together about gardening, taking care of our plants, and reducing food waste.
I was intrigued by the idea of Zero Waste and wanted to incorporate elements of it in my own life. But it seemed like a monumental effort, especially in my current phase of life.
During uncertain times, our thoughts oftentimes turn to money and how we can be sure to gain stability when the world around us is not. These 4 steps can help you insure you are making the best financial decisions during a stressful time.
Each year the state of Minnesota collaborates with the National Weather Service to educate and give safety tips about the threat of severe weather.
Here are a variety of dinners that aren’t only easy to make and quick to the table, but they also get “two thumbs up” from my kiddos.

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Rochester MN is Finally Getting a Splash Pad

A splash pad is the #1 requested amenity amongst Rochester, MN families. And we're finally getting one.