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Rochester MN Guide to Donuts

Rochester MN Donut RoundUp!

The BEST Baked Oatmeal

Backpacks are flying down the stairs, shoes are absolutely nowhere to be found, the bus is screeching to a halt around the corner.... And you haven't had coffee. There are priorities here, kids. Weekday mornings can be brutal.  Here is my easiest...
Cameron Diaz Corn Salad

Cameron Diaz Corn Salad

Thanks to Cameron Diaz, I've found my new favorite summer salad. Try this super fresh and crunchy salad with produce that's currently in season...corn!
As the Rochester culinary scene has grown in the last several years, we're happy to see so many local food trucks pop up. The taco truck in particular is a local favorite.
Dining outdoors is more than just eating. It's an experience! We've rounded up the Rochester MN area pizza farms for you to enjoy this summer.
Have I mentioned, that my grill makes clean-up a breeze?!  I love grilling for supper because I don't have to spend an hour washing pots and pans afterwards.
Rochester MN Guide to Strawberry Picking Don’t put it off, as berry picking is a short season!  You don't want to miss out on freshly picked strawberries straight from the field. 🍓 Details are as current as possible, but check websites...
I have come to treasure our Sunday brunch tradition. I love planning the menus and making different foods each week.
Rochester MN is home to many budget-friendly happy hours. So grab your favorite people and head downtown to one of these spots!
Here are some great coffee and Girl Scout Cookie pairings from two local favorites.

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Rochester MN’s Best Area Hiking Spots

Looking for some great local hikes? We've got the rundown and a list of essentials to get you and your family enjoying the great outdoors this season!