Rochester MN is home to many budget-friendly happy hours. So grab your favorite people and head downtown to one of these spots!
 Whether you’re a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM), full-time or part-time working parent — we all share some responsibility in putting food on our tables.
We don't know about you, but as soon as the calendar indicates a season change, the mornings are a bit more crisp and we see that first brightly colored leaf on our evening walk...it seems our taste buds change.
My busy working mother cooked and prepared most meals from scratch, but when she needed to feed us in a pinch it often consisted of opening some cans or putting together a ready meal.
Use this guide to help you navigate and find all of the Rochester MN gluten-free resources, busiensses and services to suit your dietary needs.
As a child, I grew up playing cashier in our “family grocery store” which was Mom’s fruit room in our farmhouse basement. That’s how much she canned ... we had a room full of canned fruit.  Shelves were neatly labeled and...
Rochester MN Donut RoundUp!
Rochester MN Guide to Strawberry Picking Don’t put it off, as berry picking is a short season. Details are as current possible, but check websites or Facebook pages and call before packing the kids into the car, in case farms have...
For her first birthday, I ordered an adorable cake shaped like a duck with an accompanying baby duck for her smash cake. She delighted in attacking all that sugary goodness (with egg hidden inside).
Decadent desserts have their place, but sometimes I just feel like enjoying chocolate without experiencing any sort of sugar rush afterward.  

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Rochester MN Guide to Patios and Outdoor Dining

We're looking forward to long evenings sitting, sipping and sampling all that Rochester's outdoor dining patios have to offer!