I am fairly confident none of them will CURE their cold and cough, but they will help you and your children sleep a little better.
I enjoy making food, and I enjoy eating food. Here's my dirty little secret, though: I really don't care for Thanksgiving food.
Hurry. That's it, that's the word that I can't say. This is the most counterproductive word in my house.
Sit in the quiet, hold her hand, cry with her, and let her just be. Don't offer advice or anecdotes. Just offer your time, love, and friendship.
After a rough, rough, rough weekend of temper tantrums, crying, and exhaustion all around,  I decided to seek ways to bring my daily meditation and relaxation techniques to my child. 
Yes, they fight, but I know that we will look back on this season (however long it lasts) with fondness and know that it strengthened their relationships with each other.
While I will never truly know if it was the acupuncture or something else that brought an end to our road of infertility, I do know that discovering acupuncture was exactly what I needed to have a sense of sanity during that challenging time.
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30 Going On 13

How do I receive directive and caring words from my parents without shutting down? And how do I be confident and dependable for my son at the same time?
How can I teach him to be a calm, patient driver when I'm literally the worst version of myself behind the wheel? 
We won’t be able to get anywhere if we aren’t taking the time to keep our relationship full and happy.

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Rochester MN Guide to Nearby State Parks

Within a short drive of Rochester MN, there are multiple opportunities to make lasting memories at Minnesota State Parks. Here are 10 nearby State Parks for you to visit and enjoy!