Author JK Rowling announced the new Harry Potter at Home hub that launched on the online platform Wizarding World of Harry Potter this week.
Working remotely (work from home/WFH) is going to be a new experience for many, but good news for you, I'm an expert at it!  I've been working remotely for over three years in a high-level position. The job is demanding,...
I just really wanted her to know that she hurt my feelings. That as a mother, it was not right to judge me and that she should know better and try to do better as a woman. 
This series is sponsored by First Alliance Credit Union At the very heart of Rochester Mom’s mission is the drive to empower women and build community.  We are honored to partner with First Alliance Credit Union for an an exciting...
Rochester MN is home to many budget-friendly happy hours. So grab your favorite people and head downtown to one of these spots!
My family and I have been going to the Ice Castles around Minneapolis for the last 3 years, and this little expedition is something we look forward to every winter.
There are just some things Minnesota moms say. Here's a small sampling of what we say every day, all day during the winter.
NICU mamas need you. They need the support of their family, friends, and community to come alongside them.
Rochester MN Moms Blog has grown and evolved and now it’s time for our site to do the same. While our mission, team, vision, and goals will stay the same…our look and our name have changed.  Welcome to Rochester Mom.
  It's a Snow Day!  Whether you are super bummed or super pumped...your kids might be looking for things to do.  Check out this list of activities to make your snow day into the best day! Fore even MORE ideas,...

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