There are just some things Minnesota moms say. Here's a small sampling of what we say every day, all day during the winter.

The After-Christmas Meltdown

At Christmas, the spill-over from their rooms invades my living room. It seems to multiply and invades every inch of floor space. You see, I try to keep my house relatively free of clutter. 
"The thing about miscarriages is that they're not uncommon. They're not taboo. And most importantly, they're not your fault. Or my fault. Or anyone's fault. But that doesn't really mean much to someone who's experienced one because ultimately, it's losing a piece of yourself."
I’m Lee and I’m delighted to share a little about myself. I am relatively new to Rochester. My son and I joined the community 26 months ago.
In my freetime, you can almost always find me outside. I spend a lot of time working in my ever-expanding gardens, walking/running, or supervising whatever shenanigans my boys and the neighborhood boys are into that day.
Our family now sees September in a whole new light: it’s time to pound the ground and advocate for Childhood Cancer Awareness. Here's a bit of our story.
I am Heather. I have been living in Rochester for just about 10 years. My husband, Ted, and I moved here from a Chicago suburb after I completed grad school.
Hands down, birthdays are my favorite day(s) of the year! My birthday, my husband's birthday, my son's birthday, niece, nephew, mom, dad, you get the picture. The reason is simple: it's one day each year we get to celebrate that person.
Here is a comprehensive list of appropriate things to do and places to see for those little minds, and very busy bodies, in and near Rochester, Minnesota.  
Hi there! I’m Jenna. I was born and raised right here in Rochester.  My hubby, Shane, and I have been married for 10 years.

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