I am Heather. I have been living in Rochester for just about 10 years. My husband, Ted, and I moved here from a Chicago suburb after I completed grad school.
Hands down, birthdays are my favorite day(s) of the year! My birthday, my husband's birthday, my son's birthday, niece, nephew, mom, dad, you get the picture. The reason is simple: it's one day each year we get to celebrate that person.
Here is a comprehensive list of appropriate things to do and places to see for those little minds, and very busy bodies, in and near Rochester, Minnesota.  
Hi there! I’m Jenna. I was born and raised right here in Rochester.  My hubby, Shane, and I have been married for 10 years.
Meet Molly! She's a hard-working corporate digital media executive, spouse, mom, friend, and an open book! Molly loves her family, her friends, adventuring to new places, and John Mayer!

The BEST Baked Oatmeal

Backpacks are flying down the stairs, shoes are absolutely nowhere to be found, the bus is screeching to a halt around the corner.... And you haven't had coffee. There are priorities here, kids. Weekday mornings can be brutal.  Here is my easiest...
She loves, trivia, Halloween, and New Kids on the Block. When she's not in the operating room as a nurse circulating in various specialties, you can find Natalie at her favorite hidden gem in Rochester, brushing up on random facts, or adding to her mug collection.
Decorah is a charming small town with options for everyone in the family. Whether you are a shopper, historian, or nature lover, you'll find some fun.
When she isn't teaching or out on a hiking adventure with her family, you'll find her devouring books, crocheting or knitting, or baking sourdough bread!
I think it’s a good idea for all of us to take a look at our lives and decide if the way we’re living is bringing us actual joy, or taking the energy out of us.

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Parenting Support Groups

updated August 2022 Parenting is tough work!  Sometimes you just want to hear that toddler tantrums happen in more than just your home, “threenager” is...