Thank you for reminding me, woman at the orchard, that community doesn't disappear just because we're in a pandemic.
There just isn't enough of me to go around. Fellow spread-too-thin moms: I reach my hand out to you, as well. I'm here with you.
woman sitting on couch with head in hands, as children run around her

It’s Okay, Mama

Everybody's in pajamas for the whole day? It's okay. Didn't get your housework done today? It's okay. It'll still be there tomorrow.
 Use the printable below to cut out and place all of the schoolday questions in a jar.  Have your children pick questions out each day for a fun activity!
What will my boys look like 10-15 years from now?  Would I regret not having a girl when my boys are fully grown and we have less in common?
We're already in a pandemic and worrying constantly, canceling plans, and missing our friends. I'm giving the kid a dang slushie.
Grills, drills, and electronics are common gifts for dads year-round. But, why not consider giving his wardrobe a style upgrade?

A Grandfather’s Love

Parenthood is hard and comes with a whole lot of anxieties, but, single parent or not, it helps to remember that we're never truly doing this alone.
Why can't she snuggle her sweet toddler on her own terms? Does not cuddling with him when he is supposed to be learning to sleep on his own mean that she isn't savoring his childhood?
I just really wanted her to know that she hurt my feelings. That as a mother, it was not right to judge me and that she should know better and try to do better as a woman. 

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Parenting Support Groups

updated April 2021 Parenting is tough work!  Sometimes you just want to hear that toddler tantrums happen in more than just your home, "threenager" is...