Making a school decision for kindergarten shouldn't have to be stress-filled. Here is a guide to the options in Rochester MN for your child's education.
I want them to laugh and joke about things they think are funny. At our house, we are trying to normalize the boy vocabulary; poop, farts, winkies, and all.
Your life is about to change with this first baby. You are about to change even more. Little sister, you will never be the same person you once were.
  It's a Snow Day!  Whether you are super bummed or super pumped...your kids might be looking for things to do.  Check out this list of activities to make your snow day into the best day! Fore even MORE ideas,...
I have learned to appreciate the age gap between my children and bask in each concurrent milestone they may be going through.
Gorgeous, world famous works of art are fun to have on a “bucket list,” but a closer look reveals that art abounds in our community. From world famous artists to those just starting out, Rochester MN is thick with self expression in all of its forms.
Thank you for reminding me, woman at the orchard, that community doesn't disappear just because we're in a pandemic.
There just isn't enough of me to go around. Fellow spread-too-thin moms: I reach my hand out to you, as well. I'm here with you.
woman sitting on couch with head in hands, as children run around her

It’s Okay, Mama

Everybody's in pajamas for the whole day? It's okay. Didn't get your housework done today? It's okay. It'll still be there tomorrow.
 Use the printable below to cut out and place all of the schoolday questions in a jar.  Have your children pick questions out each day for a fun activity!

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A Not So Private Sky | ♡ Heart of the City...

"A Not So Private Sky" features a vertical tower of 16 dice-shaped, stainless-steel objects with 12 faces called dodecahedrons. It is the first artwork installed in the Heart of the City, a project of Destination Medical Center in Rochester MN.