Hurry. That's it, that's the word that I can't say. This is the most counterproductive word in my house.
Before my son, I spent over eight years as a full-time nanny and two years as a behavioral therapist. I have always loved research and gathering information, and I think that quest for knowledge has naturally made its way into my parenting style.
After a rough, rough, rough weekend of temper tantrums, crying, and exhaustion all around,  I decided to seek ways to bring my daily meditation and relaxation techniques to my child. 
Yes, they fight, but I know that we will look back on this season (however long it lasts) with fondness and know that it strengthened their relationships with each other.

30 Going On 13

How do I receive directive and caring words from my parents without shutting down? And how do I be confident and dependable for my son at the same time?
We won’t be able to get anywhere if we aren’t taking the time to keep our relationship full and happy.
Life isn’t black and white, and neither is one’s relationship with alcohol. There’s a grey area, and that’s where I’m at.
I understand how difficult it is to fight for your child to be "normal". Keep communicating, keep advocating, and keep empowering your kids. That is the only way that change will happen.
To my husband, thank you for cleaning up the cat puke for the millionth time because its gross and I really hate doing it. To the barista, thank you so much for this coffee that will keep me alive and awake today! 
It’s a good thing to be a nerd. It means you are passionate about something, and we are all nerds in one way or another.

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