It was in that waiting room that I found out that pregnancy loss is a sisterhood that you don’t want to belong to. Usually you have no idea who’s in the club until you find yourself thrust into it.
{Owner's Note} Rochester MN Moms Blog is dedicated to sharing the stories of all moms. Today's story is from a mom in our community. A mom who loves and lives and cherishes and cares for her children like you. October is Infant and Pregnancy Loss Awareness Month. We want to bring attention to the stories of mothers (you and me) who have suffered this physical and emotional trauma. Please note that the following story is difficult to read. "Losing a child leaves a deep scar on your soul. A scar that lessens with time but never completely fades. The emotional pain may decrease but the soul is never the same. One can never forget those intense feelings of hopelessness and despair, knowing there is nothing they can do to save their child."
People are good. I have seen so much love from my network of friends and family in the past few weeks, and I am amazed. I found out in February that my husband and I were expecting our third...
Miscarriages aren't something that get talked about very frequently, are they?  At the time I wrote this, we just passed our 2-year-anniversary of our miscarriage.  I've done a lot of writing in the past about grief and miscarriage, but...
  Being Friends.. What does it mean to be a good friend? How do you be a good a friend? Am I good friend? Part of a good self-care routine includes investing in others. Over the next few posts, I will explore...

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