Fall is a perfect time to get outside and enjoy the crisp air with your family. There's plenty to check out in Rochester MN with many fall festivals and events planned in the community!

Field Trip Friday: Zumbrota

Pockets of culture and distinct spaces can be found in small communities scattered throughout Minnesota. Zumbrota is one of those treasured places. Located about 20-25 minutes north of Rochester on Highway 52, it is just a short drive away.
Within a short drive of Rochester MN, there are multiple opportunities to make lasting memories at Minnesota State Parks. Here are 10 nearby State Parks for you to visit and enjoy!
A brand new exhibit is coming to Spark in Rochester MN! Velocity helps children explore the science of motion, making it exciting to learn all about physics.
From reds to whites to bubbles and rose, our Guide to Wineries Near Rochester MN will lead you to all the delicious wines in the region.
Mixed Precipitation, a Twin Cities-based performance company, is bringing a fresh take on theater to the Rochester MN area, but not just any theater, outdoor opera!
Join Spark for the SparkOlympics! With the world watching the Games in Tokyo, this is a great time for children and their families to experience activities to introduce them to different aspects of the Olympic Games.
Here is my general itinerary for when my dearest friends come to Rochester MN for a one-day visit.
The first Night Market is coming to Rochester MN! Learn all about this Asian culture tradition and all the details for these exciting events!
Your guide to all the family-friendly July events in Rochester MN!

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Guide to Rochester Area Nurseries and Greenhouses

I was recently asked where some of my favorite nurseries and greenhouses are for filling up my pots, and I’d like to share them with you!