Did you know that Rochester MN has many exciting options for whatever kind of Girlfriend’s Getaway you and your friends to enjoy?
From a distance, the traveler new to Rochester may wonder if the Mayo Brothers built a castle for themselves to watch over the Med City.
Now that we have officially entered the summer season in Rochester MN, it means the return of one of our most beloved local outdoor festivals - Thursdays Downtown (formerly Thursdays on 1st & 3rd)!
Let our Guide for Things to do in Rochester MN over Memorial Day Weekend be your compass to the weekend. 
If you're from Rochester you are probably familiar with "The Castle" on Broadway, but like many people, you've never had a chance to go inside-until now.
The worst part about summer though?  It's here and gone in what feels like the blink of an eye.  The time just seems to go twice as fast that time of year.

Podcast Roundup!

I'll admit, I joined the podcast party a little late. I find myself bringing up topics from the podcasts in many conversations with friends and colleagues.
There are all these places and things within Minnesota we never have the time or enough money to do. Instead of spending money on a hotel or accommodations we can use that money for activities.
Besides the prehistoric animal exhibit, which highlights animals that roamed our state, there are multiple artistic and beautiful dioramas where you can explore Minnesota's diverse landscapes.
The next time you have a bored teenager on your hands, be prepared with this list.  Luckily, Rochester MN has plenty to offer the teenagers in our lives!

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Rochester MN Guide to Nearby State Parks

Within a short drive of Rochester MN, there are multiple opportunities to make lasting memories at Minnesota State Parks. Here are 10 nearby State Parks for you to visit and enjoy!