Besides the prehistoric animal exhibit, which highlights animals that roamed our state, there are multiple artistic and beautiful dioramas where you can explore Minnesota's diverse landscapes.
The Rochester MN area has a thriving and growing theater arts scene. From new groups starting up, to those deep-rooted community organizations who have been entertaining us for years, we are surrounded by fantastic theatrical presentations.
Even if you didn’t grow up reading Laura Ingalls Wilder’s books, here’s how to introduce your kids to this historical “celebrity” who grew up in our region.
Northfield, you sly little fox, you. Where did you come from, where have you been hiding, and why are you so stinkin' cute?!
My love affair with the county fair started at a young age.  I spent my childhood years as a 4-Her exhibiting livestock at the Goodhue County Fair, the early years of my career as a 4-H Program Coordinator, and...
Nestled into the bluffs of the Mississippi River lies a town you need to visit, Red Wing. Known for its beautiful river settings, it's worth a trip.
{Throughout the summer, Rochester MN Moms Blog contributors will be sharing their best day-trip ideas to help you find local fun, good eats, and places to play for your kids.  For other posts in the series, please click here....
Summer has arrived in Minnesota and this is your Ultimate Rochester MN Summer Bucket List! Use this guide to plan your best summer yet!
Welcome to June! This month we're looking forward to sunshine, lemonade, afternoons by the pool and a long list of local events for the whole family!
I love living in a place that has four distinct seasons.  In the fall, we get the crackling leaves; in the winter, the fluffy snowflakes.  But everybody knows that spring and summer is when Minnesota really struts her stuff....

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11 Alternative Places to Donate Items in Rochester MN

Did you know that there are several places that are eager to accept your donated items?  Many of these organizations provide critical programs and services for the community of Rochester.