While none of us are thinking about September yet, July is actually the month to grab those school supplies deals for the whole school year!
I was influenced. I saw the ugly shoes pop up on the Instagram stories of one of my favorite Instagram accounts, Chris Loves Julia.  I thought, "Wow, those shoes are so ugly."  But then you know how it goes: after...
For this age group, my advice is to choose one or two gifts. Here are my go-to gift categories for my 18-month-old this year.  
Anyone else suffering from daily decision fatigue? I have become so burnt out weighing the pros and cons to minor and major life decisions.
We thought it would be fun to share our ultimate go-tos, our holy grails, our ride-or-die beauty and wellness products.  Maybe you'll find a new favorite!
Grills, drills, and electronics are common gifts for dads year-round. But, why not consider giving his wardrobe a style upgrade?
Windows open, the breeze in your hair, or the air conditioner pumping--this is a no-judgment zone. As Minnesotans, we spend all year waiting for the summer months, and if you're anything like me, like to spend all the time...
While it's fun to receive registered gifts or that adorable romper, sometimes unwrapping practical items that fit the season is even more fun!
But as someone who has always loved style--and don't get me wrong, a good pair of high-waisted jeans--here are some tricks for being comfortable, but still looking like myself.
After recently getting my fifth and most visible tattoo, I started thinking about how my reasons for getting them have changed since my first design nine years ago.

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