Target Date Night: What it is and Why We Love it


Things That Need to Get Done:

  • laundry
  • buy groceries
  • pay insurance premium
  • turn in distance learning assignment
  • wash masks
  • figure out childcare (again)
  • try to answer a few work emails
  • do a text check-in with a friend
  • dump out expired milk
  • schedule energy bill
  • exercise
  • order DoorDash
  • “self-care”

Okay so…in the lengthy list of things to do in our lives, date-night can fall to the bottom (or in many cases, fall completely off) the checklist of things to do.  There are a myriad of reasons why date night can get pushed to the side. It can feel so hard to get something on the calendar to connect with your spouse or partner. We know how important it is to spend time with our significant other. However, knowing and doing are two completely different things.

My husband and I have a favorite date night tradition. It can fit any budget, doesn’t require childcare (but you can leave the kids if you want!), and fills up the other person’s love bucket.

Here’s how it works:

  • Choose a store
  • Choose a budget
  • Choose a theme
  • Set a time limit

Determine how much money you’d like to spend on your “date night” and split it into two.  Choose a store that you’ll go to on date night and spend the budget.  Each person chooses a word or a theme. Examples are movie night, game night, candy, comfort food, lounging, active, artistic, etc.  Get creative!  Each person will “shop” for the other person and the word they provided and with the budget you’ve decided on and in the allotted time. Meet back together and exchange gifts.

My husband and I love to see what the other comes up with!  We very recently had a “Target Date Night” (we almost always go to Target), and I chose the word cozy.  AJ (my husband) spent a lot of time and effort choosing just the right things that he knew I would love: cozy socks, a super soft blanket to wrap up in, a candle, and cookie dough to make the house smell good (the makings of a good hygge night).  My husband chose the word creativity.  I bought him a Moleskine journal, multi-colored sharpie pens, low-ball cocktail glasses (for cocktail creation!), and watercolor paper (he has mentioned he’d like to be able to paint more).  I loved the look on his face as he opened each of his items!

Fun, right? We love explaining why we chose each item for the other person. It’s even more fun to see how they use the gifts in the days to come!

I love this date night because it is so easy to do whenever and wherever.  You can choose any store you want, you can bring your kids (and maybe even get them to help choose!) and reveal the gifts to one another after they’ve gone to bed.  Or you can leave the kids at home with a sitter.  This date night works for any budget.  Even the smallest gesture can have a big impact.  ♡

Here are some variations:

  • Choose a store you both love (Home Depot, PetSmart, FleetFarm, Goodwill, Barnes & Noble, ABC & Toy Zone wherever!)
  • Shop an online store! Decide on a budget, when the gifts need to arrive, and set a night to exchange them.
  • Have your KIDS decide FOR you.  Tell them that you are going to have a special date night and you want them to help. Pick a word and let them get creative planning the date around the chosen word or theme.

I can’t wait to hear if you try out this date night. If you do, tell me where you go and the words you choose.  Above all, have fun. ♡

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