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give fiveRochester Mom is starting a brand new resource series called Give Five. The idea of Give Five is simple. We are inviting you to Give Five minutes to read through each of these posts. The series will provide you with ideas, resources, lists, and suggestions on specific topics. We acknowledge that giving five minutes is just the start…a small step in a bigger journey we can all take to become allies to our BIPOC friends, family, and neighbors.

This series is intended to be a resource for YOU and your families. Topics will vary but all will be helpful as we work towards anti-racism and expand and diversify our understanding of race and diversity. Some resources will be collaborative with Rochester Mom writers, and for others, we’ll look to YOU! We want to know what you have learned on your own journeys and what resources have helped you along the way. Our goal with this series is to be a conduit of information: pulling together resources to help one another. We are learning ourselves and it’s been a challenging yet beautiful process. Will you join us?


Dr. Akilah Cadet

Instagram: @changecadet

Twitter: @changecadet

Facebook: Change Cadet

“Founder/CEO/Executive Coach of Change Cadet which prepares individuals and companies to be soldiers of change in the workforce so there can be more women and people of color at the top” (, 2021).

Diversify Our Narrative

Instagram: @diversifyournarrative

Twitter: @TheDONCampaign

Facebook: Diversify Our Narrative

“An organization of 5k+ students fighting for racial justice through anti-racism curricula” (Instagram, 2021).

The Conscious Kid

Instagram: @theconsciouskid

Twitter: @consciouskidlib

Facebook: The Conscious Kid

“Parenting and education through a critical race lens” (Instagram, 2021).

From Privilege to Progress

Instagram: @privtoprog

Twitter: @privtoprog

Facebook: From Privilege to Progress

“From Privilege to Progress calls on all Americans to join on the path of antiracism by learning, speaking up in their everyday lives and amplifying on social media” (Facebook, 2021).

Dr. Ibram X. Kendi

Instagram: @ibramxk

Twitter: @DrIbram

Facebook: Ibram X Kendi

“One of America’s foremost historians and leading antiracist scholars” (, 2021).

Austin Channing Brown

Instagram: @austinchanning

Twitter: @austinchanning

Facebook: Austin Channing Brown

“Writer and speaker on racial justice and Black dignity” (Facebook, 2021). Author of I’m Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made For Whiteness.

Check Your Privilege

Instagram: @ckyourprivilege

Twitter: @ckyourprivilege

Facebook: Check Your Privilege

“We guide white folx on the journey of becoming actively anti-racist” (Instagram, 2021).

Anti-Racism Daily

Instagram: @antiracisimdaily

Twitter: @antiracismdly

Facebook: Anti-Racism Daily

“Daily actions to dismantle white supremacy” (, 2021)

Ijeoma Oluo

Instagram: @ijeomaoluo

Twitter: @IjeomaOluo

Facebook: Ijeoma Oluo

“Ijeoma Oluo is a Seattle-based writer, speaker and internet yeller” (, 2021). She is the bestselling author of So You Want to Talk About Race and Mediocre: The Dangerous Legacy of White Male America.

Rachel E. Cargle

Instagram: @rachel.cargle

Twitter: @rachelcargle

Facebook: Rachel Elizabeth Cargle

“Rachel Cargle is an Akron, Ohio born public academic, writer, and lecturer. Her activist and academic work are rooted in providing intellectual discourse, tools and resources that explore the intersection of race and womanhood” (, 2021).

Eddie S. Glaude Jr.

Instagram: @esglaude

Twitter: @esglaude

“James S. McDonnell Distinguished University Professor” of African American Studies at Princeton University (Twitter, 2021).

Dr. Bernice King

Instagram: @berniceaking

Twitter: @berniceaking

Facebook: Be A King

“Dr. Bernice A. King, CEO of The King Center and global influencer of our time lives a life of faith, principles and intention. She is the daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King” (, 2021).


Donavan Bailey

Instagram: @donny.bailey.507

Facebook:  Donavan Bailey, MS, LGSW

“Donavan is a unique speaker, expert in the criminal justice system and a cultural competency facilitator trained by Dr. Deitra Hawkins in Atlanta, GA” (Facebook, 2021).

Barbershop Talk – South Minnesota

Facebook: Barbershop Talk – South Minnesota

“Unique voice of the African American, urban and greater south Minnesota community” (Facebook, 2021).

Project Legacy

Instagram: @projectlegacymn

Twitter: @projectlegacymn

Facebook: Project Legacy 

“Empowerment program for youth of color in #rochmn. We provide hope, connections and wraparound support to help young people transform their lives” (Instagram, 2021).

Rochester Community Initiative 

Instagram: @rochinitiative

Twitter: @RochInitiative

Facebook: Rochester Community Initiative

“A youth-led organization focused on improving our community through advocacy, political activism, and fundraising. Our work is focused on making our community just and equitable place for all of its residents” (Facebook, 2021).

Regina Mustafa

Instagram: @regina_mustafa

Founder and Executive Director of Community Interfaith Dialogue on Islam (CIDI). “Promoting interfaith acceptance and education in Rochester, MN and beyond” (Instagram, 2021).

IMAA Rochester

Instagram: @imaaroch

Facebook: IMAA

“Building bridges between cultures by supporting individuals and families in transition through multicultural services. Nonprofit in Rochester, MN” (Instagram, 2021).

Vangie Castro

Instagram: @votevangie

Twitter: @votevangie

Facebook: Vangie Castro

Vangie (They/Them) is a “community organizer and diversity and inclusion consultant” (Facebook, 2021).

Diversity Council

Instagram: @diversity_council

Facebook: Diversity Council – Rochester, MN

“Works to create equitable and inclusive communities where all individuals are empowered, conscientious, and courageous” (Facebook, 2021).

Wale Elegbede

Instagram: @welegbede

Twitter: @welegbede

Facebook: Wale Elegbede Minnesota

Wale Elegbede is the president of NAACP-Rochester, MN and the Olmsted County Human Rights Commissioner among many other accomplishments. (, 2021)


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Erica was raised in Stillwater, MN and never thought she would leave the Twin Cities area. However, this extroverted librarian was on the hunt for a new challenge. At the end of 2018, she convinced her high school sweetheart, their two-year old son Milo, and their three cats to move to Rochester. She has been having a wonderful time exploring the area and later sharing her treasured finds with loved ones. In her spare time, Erica is constantly binging audiobooks and podcasts, wrangling her toddler, working on sassy embroidery and trying out new recipes (but dreads the clean-up). She has decided her new life’s goal is to convince friends and family, one by one, to move to the charming city of Rochester. Follow Erica on Instagram @ericarossmn