5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with the Entire Family


Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays you either love or hate. You either enjoy all the sparkle, pink, and red, or think it’s a holiday for the greeting card companies. I fall into team sparkle, pink, and red, but don’t really go crazy for the chocolates and flowers. Instead, I like to think of fun, simple ideas to celebrate with the whole family. Here are some ideas for this year!

If you already have dinner plans…

… Start out the day with a three-course breakfast. If you have a sitter and plans for later, include the whole family with a giant breakfast. Fancy breakfast is my answer for any celebration where I’m stumped at what to do. Menu wise, start with a bright pink smoothie, then a skillet scramble that feeds a crowd, and end with these heart-shaped raspberry rolls.

If time is not on your side… 

… Cut anything and everything you have into a heart with a heart-shaped cookie cutter: fruit, toast, pizza, cheese, seriously anything. Or, these secret messages are easy and don’t require anything special.

If you have teenagers…

…Don’t even try (ha – just kidding). If a three-course breakfast didn’t do the trick, try something less tangible. Let them out of doing a chore or two, or let them pick out a random act of kindness and do it with them. This is a great list to get started.

If food is how you celebrate…

I’m going to try this bright pink popcorn snack mix this year – bonus points for being gluten, dairy, and egg free (daycare treat, yes please!). Or this pucker cake looks a little intimidating, but how cute would it be on cupcakes?!

If crafting is your thing…

If you have little ones, this heart painting is adorable, fun, and actually looks great on the wall. For slightly older kiddos, this fingerprint dish would make a great valentine for grandpa and grandma. These DIY love bug pins also look cute and totally do-able.

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?! Do you do anything with the whole family?

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