Our Sunday Brunch Tradition- Recipes Included!


brunchLike everyone, Covid significantly changed our routines. On Sundays, our family (my husband, 13 year old, 11 year old, and myself) would generally go to church, come home and have a dinner that had been cooking in the oven all morning. Well, since we didn’t have to get up anymore and could participate in church at our leisure online, we began a tradition of eating brunch (actually at lunchtime — I mean, come on, we have a preteen and a teen). After brunch, we would then go downstairs and participate in church online together as a family.

I have come to treasure our Sunday brunch tradition. I love planning the menus and making different foods each week. Our kids look forward to it as well and request certain favorites. I want to share with you some of our favorite menus over the past few months. Honestly, don’t be intimidated. You don’t have to be fancy or be a great chef to cook these meals. It just takes a little planning ahead to get the items needed and the time to cook. Also, don’t forget, always have a nice coffee to go with it (we like French press), or our kids like hot chocolate as well.


This brunch menu is so delicious. This bread pudding comes out of Vivian Howard’s Book “Deep Run Roots”. I adore this book and the recipes are truly delightful. Make sure when you griddle the ham that the pan is well-greased and hot. Then, grill each slice until browned on each side. Bon appetit!


Avocado deviled eggs are such a fresh twist on regular deviled eggs! However, you may want to make a few regular deviled eggs for those picky eaters. My daughter wasn’t too thrilled that I changed up the recipe. I shared some with the neighbors though, and their baby loved them!


First of all, take out the seeds all the way if you don’t want the poppers to be too spicy. But, these are super yummy. If you don’t want to take the time to make these, you can purchase jalapeno poppers in the frozen section of your grocery store as well. 

I also realize that many people are intimidated by quiche. Honestly, follow the recipe and you will be fine. I don’t ever make my own dough because I’m bad at pie dough. I buy frozen dough instead. Pappy’s Pie Dough is the best I have found and tastes like you just made it.


This is the easiest brunch menu. Really. You can even purchase the biscuits if you wish but the biscuit recipe is pretty foolproof. It is truly delicious. Also, these are easily the.best.scrambled.eggs.you.will.ever.eat.


Okay. I am a cinnamon roll snob. I have tried so many recipes. This recipe is my absolute favorite and I think it’s because of the secret ingredient. You actually pour cream over the risen rolls before baking them. These rolls are soft, moist, and OMGosh amazing. They are worth the time and effort. I promise.


The trickiest part of eggs benedict is getting the eggs perfectly cooked. I actually cook mine in the oven. I’ve found it’s the easiest way to get them cooked fairly well. Also, the hollandaise sauce is an easy sauce to make in this recipe. This is always my go-to recipe.

I hope you enjoy these fun brunch recipes and make new traditions with your family. We have these moments in time to spend with those we love, so let’s make them count. Love your family hard, and stay well!



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