Daydreaming: My Perfect Day!


Rochester skyline

It’s nap-time in my house, and I successfully have 5 kids napping and 2 big kids resting. While I love my kid-filled days, sitting here, I’m dreaming about my perfect day…Now, my perfect day may seem simple to some, but to me, it’s just right! 

I’m a morning person. I love mornings. But, sleeping until 7:30 feels like a dream to me (especially when I’m up by 5 every day). On my perfect day, I would wake up to freshly brewed coffee and a long hot shower with PLENTY of time to get myself ready. Normally, I do a 5 minute hair/makeup/teeth brushing scramble so I can get started with all the things. But on my perfect day, I would take my time and enjoy this “me time”. 

After I’m ready for the day (wearing a favorite sundress), I hop in my car in search of a freshly toasted bagel with cream cheese. This is one of my favorite guilty pleasures…pulling through the drive-through at Caribou/Einstein bagels, ordering an onion bagel with plain cream cheese and finding a shady spot to park. Then I slowly enjoy my bagel while doing a little reading. Currently, I’m reading The Hate You Give  on my Kindle app. I’m a book worm, so give me a little quiet space, and I’m in heaven! 

While I do love some alone time in my perfect day, I would want to include my hubby and kiddos. After I’ve indulged in my bagel and cream cheese, I would meet up with them all to do some playing at Oxbow Park! This has been one of my favorite destinations since I was a little girl. The nature play area just adds to the excitement! My hubby, being the amazing partner that he is, would have a beautiful picnic packed for us all to enjoy in the shady picnic tables. Life with 3 kids isn’t very relaxing, but a picnic in the shade is always a special treat! 

After we’ve visited each animal and played until exhaustion, we split up again. The kids go home to nap, and I get to head to have a pedicure. I don’t often treat myself to pedicures anymore, but I just love them! Herbal Spa and Nails is one of my favorite places to go! The last time I went, I almost fell asleep during the extended massage! It was heavenly! 

Now that my toes are nice and polished, I’m ready to do a little exploring kid free. My first stop is Barnes and Noble. I love walking around, looking through new books and smelling that new book smell! I don’t often buy because I’m a library girl through and through, but there’s something about exploring a new book store that makes my heart happy. 

I’ve never been a huge mall fan, but walking around the mall with no kids is definitely on my perfect day plan! My favorite stores at the mall are definitely Dry Goods and Francesca’s. Again, I don’t often buy, but looking around and being able to ACTUALLY try stuff on is so dreamy. 

After all this walking around, I’m starting to get hungry. It’s time to meet the hubby and kids again. There’s only one place that I’m ALWAYS craving…Taco Jed!!! We meet up there for a delicious margarita and tacos. I live for the Flower Child and Fried Chicken taco! We cannot forget chips and queso. Although, my middle son will eat almost all of it on his own! 

Our tummies are full, so we’re all ready for a nice walk. We head to Root River Park and walk the loop together. There’s so much to look at on our walk, that it doesn’t feel that long at all! My favorite thing about walking in the woods with our kids is their attention to detail. They can notice the smallest little bug or flower, or spot an owl in a tree that I would’ve missed! 

This day was fun, but now it’s time to head home and help the hubby wrestle the kids to bed. After they’re all asleep, my perfect day ends snuggling up with my hubby on the couch, yummy beer in hand (Current Fave is Shock Top Mango Wheat) and watching our current TV show. We’re working our way through Monk on Amazon Prime. 

Days like this don’t happen often, but I try to take pieces of my perfect day and add them in to our calendar when we can! What would your perfect day look like?