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{Throughout the summer, Rochester MN Moms Blog contributors will be sharing their best day-trip ideas to help you find local fun, good eats, and places to play for your kids.  For other posts in the series, please click here.  Today, Hannah shares with us some of her favorite things to do in Byron.} 

Growing up in five states, typically in the suburbs of a large city, gave me a chip on my shoulder when I moved to Rochester. I know, I know, that’s really silly, but it is true. And I was very ignorant. Everyone knows that Rochester has world class medical care, but I feel like it’s still a Minnesota secret that Rochester is actually a really cool city to visit, in general.

I consider myself an adventurer and spent a lot of weekends while I was in college exploring Minnesota. While I am a proud Minnesotan (because my passport says I am from here), I didn’t actually grow up in Minnesota. I have always favored Northern MN, for it’s lakes and natural beauty. But now that I have lived in Rochester, it seems I was missing a piece of the Minnesota puzzle. Members of my family have lived in Rochester since I was born, so this has always been a “home-base” in my mind, but it’s not until I moved here that I thought of it as home.

Naturally, when my husband and I began our search for a house, I zeroed in on neighborhoods in Rochester. But with the bustling market, we were often too late to purchase the houses we liked. We expanded our search, reluctantly, and visited our first home outside of the city. The house was adorable, the neighborhood quiet and the drive not as far as I had anticipated. Almost a year later, I am loving it. Byron is a great place. And as much as Rochester is a secret in Minnesota, I feel like Byron is a secret in Rochester. I mean just like everybody in Minnesota knows about Rochester, everybody in Rochester knows about Byron. But I don’t know if they know.Your Itinerary for Byron, MN | Rochester MN Moms Blog

So, let me give you an itinerary for your visit to Byron;

6 a.m. Take out your jogging stroller and enjoy the jogging paths in the City of Byron. Make sure to stop at the parks along the way, so your little one can play. While they are playing, use the exercise stations to continue your workout.

Your Itinerary for Byron, MN | Rochester MN Moms Blog

8 a.m. Stop in at Otto’s Bakery & Coffee Shop for coffee and a treat. Their pastries are simply amazing. I recommend the danishes.

10 a.m. Get to Oxbow Park and enjoy the new play area by Zollman Zoo. It’s a creative play space and kids can spend hours letting their imaginations run wild. Go into the zoo and marvel with your kids over the otters, bears and bison.

Your Itinerary for Byron, MN | Rochester MN Moms Blog

12:00 p.m. Enjoy a picnic at Oxbow. There are tables throughout the park and many a playground to use.

1:00-3:00 p.m. If you have older kids, take a hike at Oxbow or go on a nature hunt. If you have a baby, hike while they sleep in your baby carrier.

4:00 p.m. Stop in our local grocery store for any last minute dinner items.

5:00 p.m. If you aren’t going home for dinner, eat at one of the many Byron restaurants. My favorite is the Bear’s Den.

7:00 p.m. Go bowling with your family at Byron Lanes. It’s a great small town bowling alley with the U-shaped seating that brings me back to bowling as a kid.

8:00 p.m. Walk next door to Byron’s Dairy Queen for a sweet treat to end the evening!!

I hope you come visit Byron, it truly is a gem in the Rochester area!

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Hannah has a passion for adventure and is curious about the world. She developed this passion while growing up in five different states; Minnesota, Florida, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Illinois. After all that moving around, Hannah went to college in Minnesota and fell in love with the state and a wonderful guy who also loves Minnesota. After living in the Twin Cities for a few years, Hannah’s awesome teacher husband got a job in Rochester and now Hannah and her family hope to call Rochester (actually Byron) home for a long time. After a few years working in marketing and public relations, a tiny little baby girl named Lilly (’12) entered the picture. Ten months later when her husband finished graduate school Hannah became a stay-at-home mom. Just under a year later another tiny baby girl entered the picture, Dahlia (’14), and she was a game-changer. Now, Hannah is at home with a one-year-old and a two-year-old and spends the majority of her day playing referee for the two tots. Besides her family, Hannah is passionate about God and her church. She is a complete nerd who loves history, travel, Ecuador, coffee with friends, cooking and following current events. On the weekends, you may run into Hannah and her family exploring Byron, Rochester and Southern Minnesota. Follow along with Hannah on her blog, Dreams of Adventure.