Meet the Writer: Juanita


Each Wednesday we will be featuring a member of our writing team. We hope to further grow our community by sharing a bit more about the women that make up Rochester MN Moms Blog!

This week…meet Juanita!

Juanita is a native Texan who calls the Byron, MN countryside her home. She, her husband of 14 years, and 3 children enjoy life on a hobby farm and outdoor activities. While not an expert farmer, nor a green thumb, she has fun involving her kids and learning new things.


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Photo credit: Marit Williams Photography

1) If you could go anywhere in the world tomorrow-where would you choose?

I would go to Texas. We only get to see our family there once a year, so I’d love to stop by! Also, it’ll likely be much warmer there!

2) Favorite way to relax after a long day?

Cozying up to a couple of heavy blankets, a cup of tea and a good book. Sounds like a great fall/winter thing, but I love doing that in the summer too.

3) What is your guilty tv pleasure?

I don’t sit down to watch TV regularly. It usually takes years before I actually start watching a series! But, thanks to Netflix and Hulu I’ve enjoyed several of my favorite sitcoms and family dramas (Friends, Gilmore Girls, This Is Us).

4) How do you take your coffee?

I’ve quit coffee several times but I keep coming back! How is it that coffee always seems to make mornings better? Black coffee is my go-to but a bit of creamer here and there is heavenly. 

5) If you close your eyes and think about it-where is your favorite place to be?

My parent’s dinner table. Not only did we share meals there, but we also talked, laughed, and planned. We’ve prepared meals while doing homework there. It’s familiar and comfortable and now my husband and kids are a part of it. We now have our family table to create those experiences. 

6) What is something you never feel bad splurging on?

Healthy food. It feels good to know that I can prepare food that will benefit my family. Even better when it’s local. Then I know that I’m also helping provide for local families.

7) What is one thing you are working on changing/ being better at?

As I write this, I’m looking at the planners in front of me that I’m about to consolidate. Being organized has always been a priority for me, but lately, I feel that I’m pulled in several directions. Motherhood is always busy. Which is why I’m currently taking a couple of days to relax and work on organization solutions.

8) What is something you would NEVER do again?

I used to love roller coasters! A few years ago, my husband and I thought it would be a great date idea to go to Six Flags and dinner. The first ride we took was the Superman. It takes you up then quickly drops. During the entire ride, I could feel my tears on my forehead! Needless to say, I no longer ride any roller coasters.
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Nicole jumps at the chance to travel the globe but finds comfort upon returning home to the comfort and familiarity of her native Rochester. After attending the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities for her undergraduate degree in architecture, she skipped her graduation ceremony to marry a guy she met at a waterski show when she was 19. Nicole returned to the "U" to pursue her master's degree, and this time walked in the ceremony despite giving birth two weeks before graduation. Her baby girl is now 12 years old, with a 10 year old biological brother and 10 year old adopted brother recently home from the Democratic Republic of Congo. In what is clearly a trend to fully integrate all aspects of life, she and her husband involve their kiddos in everything from politics to rehabbing old buildings. She feels strongly that work and travel and family and marriage are best enjoyed simultaneously, and that life is all the richer that way. As a working/ volunteering/ care taking mom passionate about kids, women's health, historic preservation and the arts, Nicole sits on several committees and boards in the Rochester area and loves nothing more than providing baked goods and themed cakes for any of the aforementioned causes. Nicole thrives on copious amounts of coffee, a love/hate relationship with running, and searching real estate listings daily. Check out Nicole on Instagram for shots of her bulldog Lucy or follow her design blog at Old Spaces New Places.