Meet the Writer: Marnie


Each Wednesday we will be featuring a member of our writing team. We hope to further grow our community by sharing a bit more about the women that make up Rochester MN Moms Blog!

This week…meet Marnie!

A recent stay-at-home Mom, Marnie finds herself babbling, giggling and singing like a baby all while teaching her baby boy how to grow. To stay sharp and connected, Marnie freelances for marketing communication services where she exercises her brain in new ways. 

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Photo credit: Marit Williams Photography


1) If you could go anywhere in the world tomorrow-where would you choose?

Ireland! I want to see its picturesque villages and stunning waterways and eat at local bars and restaurants (I hear its culinary magic!). Golfing in Ireland’s rural heartland is on my husband’s bucket list so traveling together would be a win-win.


2) What has been most surprising to you as a mother?

Until Gordon turned two months old — I really missed my ‘old life’ with Brent — which was deeply surprising because I wanted so badly to be a mom and care for a baby. How could I possibly wish for my former life? I allowed myself to feel that way – knowing it would change with time. We’ve since transitioned to our new normal and now, some days its hard to remember what life was like without Gordon.


3) What song do you know all the words to?

Ha! Because I’ve sung at events and love music — most people would think I know the lyrics to a lot of songs. The thing is:  I don’t! Unless its the Star Spangled Banner, you’ll find me often making up words or lip synching. 


4) Favorite way to relax after a long day?

A hot, lavender Epsom salt soak in my dimly lit bathroom while sipping on a cold glass of Kim Crawford.


5) How do you take your coffee?

Medium roast, black and extra hot. Now I’m not that crazy person that asks for extra hot at the counter, but I will microwave my cup maybe twice before finishing it because I want it 185 degrees F.


6)What is something you never feel bad splurging on?

SmartWool socks. We live in Minnesota, people. I hate cold toes. Well, let’s face it:  I wear lightweight SmartWool socks in the summer, too. Wool is great for wicking sweat and odor and I hate stinky feet. SmartWool isn’t cheap – but it lasts and works.


7) If you close your eyes and think about it-where is your favorite place to be?

My cabin near Alexandria, MN – swaddled in a wool blanket, wearing my hoodie and lying in my hammock three feet from the water holding a hot cup of coffee with both hands. On a cool, breezy day – it’s the one spot I find peace and quiet alone … unwinding, reflecting and re-centering.


8) What is one thing you are working on changing/ being better at?

Self-care! I’m discovering what fills me up (today!) and physically, emotionally and mentally makes me feel good. My friend reminded me that “by taking time to find the things that fill you up, you’ll have an arsenal of tools to take care of yourself when you feel low, anxious, empty, sad, sick, or just plain crappy.” I’m finding my tools along the way … this year was a year of a lot of change and I’ve seen myself lose track of caring for me. I’m going to be a better wife, daughter, sister, mom, and friend because I’m changing that.