Meet the Writer: Masuka


Each Wednesday we will be featuring a member of our writing team. We hope to further grow our community by sharing a bit more about the women that make up Rochester MN Moms Blog!

This week…meet Masuka!

Masuka was born in the USA when her parents were students and grew up in Nairobi, Kenya. She has been married for 23yrs to her childhood sweetheart Robert and has three children Michael, Benjamin and Victoria. Besides managing a busy household, Masuka is also a registered labor and delivery nurse at Olmsted Medical Center.


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Photo credit: Marit Williams Photography

1) Is there an interesting or unique skill you’ve always wanted to learn

Yes-I would love to learn to quilt!

2) Name one thing you’ve done that you’re confident no one else has?

I’m pretty confident on this one- my twin and I married brothers 

3) Congrats, you’re having twins! What are you going to name them? 

Nothing that has similar initials and that don’t sound the same. 

4) What job/ career would you be terrible at?

I could never be a police officer.

5) Would you rather give up caffeine or social media?

Easy-Social media. Nothing beats a good cup of Kenyan coffee. 

6) How often do you get a haircut?

Basically never. I trim 1-2 times a year. 

7) If not originally from Rochester MN, where did you move from or where do you call home?

Born in Washington state, raised in Kenya, I currently call Minnesota home. 

8) How did you choose your child’s middle name? 

My husband is from Uganda. His father chose the boys middle names based on the clan my husband belongs to. Our youngest a girl was named from my side of the family since she will God-willingly be married and take another’s name. She might as well have hers from my side rather than paternal side – which is our tradition.