Nuggle Bug Cloth Diaper Service & Boutique: Solutions for Rochester MN Families


Nuggle Bug

I love cloth diapers! Besides being eco-friendly and super adorable, they are actually way simpler to use than you might think. And now with the Nuggle Bug Cloth Diaper Service and Boutique as a local resource, it will be even easier to make the switch!


Location: 1623 North Broadway Avenue, Rochester, MN 55901 (in the same strip as the DMV and Children’s Museum!)

Boutique Hours: Open 10AM-6PM on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

Services: So many!

Seriously, this is so much more than just a boutique. With free cloth diapering classes every Saturday at 10AM, newborn cloth diaper rentals, a diaper service (cloth diapering WITHOUT the laundry? Sign me UP!), and a selection of consignment items, this is definitely a one-stop shop for everyone; from those curious about cloth to fluff gurus. 

I stopped in with some questions about stripping a used stash of pre-folded diapers, got the answers and product I needed, and had a lovely chat with the owner! 

I am thrilled to see such an all-around wonderful resource for parents in the Rochester area. Make sure to stop in with your questions, attend a class, or check out their website for more information. 

Who here already LOVES their fluff-bum babies? 

Nuggle Bug