Rochester Moms for Racial Dialogue

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What can moms do to address racial injustice in their world?

Turns out, a lot.

With the support of Rochester for Justice and NAACP Rochester MN, Rochester Mom is proud to present our newest Facebook Group, Rochester Moms for Racial Dialogue. This online community is a place for all moms who are interested in engaging in the conversation surrounding racial diversity, fighting against racial injustice, raising children who are anti-racist, and educating themselves on matters of race and reconciliation in our community.  We can be advocates for social change.

Rochester Moms for Racial Dialogue is a group for you to learn: no matter where you are in understanding racial inequality, injustice, systemic racism in our country and world.  We care about you and want to be a resource for you to grow.  As we all are learning, we can expect missteps in our journeys: they simply will happen. This is not a reason to be fearful of engagement, conversation, or questions.  Rochester Moms for Racial Dialogue is a community where you have grace to fail.

In our online community you can expect acceptance, kindness, respect, and a chance for open conversation as well as gentle correction and factual education regarding issues on the topic of race. You can also expect conversation starters, resources, articles, posts, personal perspectives, and in the future events, forums, and even formal education. Our community partners are supportive of our work and we expect to work together in the future to provide  resources and support for group members.

This is space for moms to share openly and safely.  Please respect where people are at in their understanding of this topic and always default to kindness in your responses and dialogue.

Rochester Moms for Racial Dialogue is facilitated by a racially diverse group of women from the Rochester Mom contributor team.  They are passionate about this topic and want to lend their time, experiences, and perspectives in leading and guiding our conversation.  It’s important to note that our facilitators and passionate and knowledgeable, but they are not experts.  They are continuing to grow and learn right alongside you.

Mission Statement: Rochester Moms for Racial Dialogue exists to promote anti-racism/anti-bias conversation and education, invites and encourages women to respect and honor each other’s racial differences, and build community among moms of all races in Rochester MN and surrounding areas.

Please consider adding yourself to Rochester Moms for Racial Dialogue.  If you do choose to join, here are our Community Guidelines and what we expect from you:

  1. Be kind and respectful to all.  Hate speech, derogatory language, and profanity will not be tolerated.  Violating this guideline will result in immediate removal from the group.
  2. Do not post political content or content that is written with obvious bias or lacks facts.
  3. Do not use this as a platform to solicit business.
  4. Do not post job opportunities or hiring notices, this includes childcare postings.
  5. Keep safety in mind and please consider meeting at a public place when meeting someone new for the first time.

The ultimate goal of Rochester Moms for Racial Dialogue is to affect social change.  We can achieve this by transforming ourselves, our families, and then our communities.  Let’s be moms for justice and mercy: justice as a foundational value that we intrinsically hold inside of ourselves and mercy as the action that flows from our understanding of this value. ♡



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