Totally Imperfect Holidays: Let Them Bake The Pie


I LOVE holiday traditions. Yes, I’m the gal who made up all those holidays. And apparently, I like all my holiday cheer neatly wrapped up with a “control freak” bow on top.  

But I’m here to share some good news! My tiny people are growing up (they’re now in the last year of elementary school and the first year of middle school), and I am learning to let go.

In the time since I wrote the Fake Holiday post, their enthusiasm for the Great Pumpkin has not waned. But guess what? They want to help. This year they pulled out all the Halloween bins (yes, that is plural) and decorated the house themselves.

Where are the fuzzy spiders that we hang from the kitchen lights?  

Clearly, traditions are important to my son, too. Not only does he know our decorations, he knows exactly where to place them (yes, I’m still working on that control thing).

control freak, holiday traditions, kid-decorated, perfectly imperfect, traditions are important

Kid-Decorated Mantel

Can I go to Grammy’s house this year and help her decorate for Thanksgiving?

While historically our Thanksgiving decorations have been pretty minimal, I love that my daughter wants to play a role in this special family day. Suddenly, it’s not just about kids showing up at the table after the grown-ups have worked days preparing the food.

Last year, she baked an amazing apple pie after astutely observing, no one likes pumpkin pie in our family (except for my brother, but he doesn’t live in the United States; I promise, Uncle Stuart, we’ll bake you a pumpkin pie if you’re ever in Rochester for Thanksgiving).

control freak, holiday traditions, kid-decorated, perfectly imperfect, traditions are important

Kid-Made Pie!

Wanna hear about this year’s Thanksgiving dessert? My daughter is making Apple Spice Cupcakes with Salted Caramel Whipped Cream garnished with a piece of dried apple!

Cupcakes for Thanksgiving? I say, YUM!

Look! My kids are creating new traditions. 

In fact, I think this is the year. On December 1st I plan to announce:

 If you would like the Elf to move from her shelf, you need to move her yourself!

Whether it is something big like a holiday or simply the ordinary part of the daily routine at our house, I’m learning that the role of Mom doesn’t mean overseeing, supervising, planning, and orchestrating EVERYTHING.

Of course, we’re all still trying to find the joy and excitement in packing up the holidays!

*Originally published November 2018*