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Living in Rochester for over a decade now, I have observed and taken part in many conversations regarding the year-round school pros and cons. Before I was a mom, I would have never given thought to or had any curiosity about sending my children to a 45/15 (year-round) school. I assumed I would have gone with the Joneses and just done the “normal” route and have my child(ren) attend the local school.

It has been quite the hot topic in our community over the past few years, with talk of more schools joining the schedule. We are in our second year of having a child go to 45/15 and we love it!

I thought I would share with you some of the many reasons we our family loves year-round schooling and why it works for us.

We selected Longfellow Choice Elementary 45/15 School after doing research, touring the school, and talking to other parents that have kids going there or who have gone there. After seeing the school, talking with the Principal, and connecting to other parents, we knew it was the place for our daughter. When her name was drawn in the lottery seven months before school started, I cried and screamed. We ordered pizza for dinner to celebrate. As a parent, you just know when “It’s Right.”

The #1 thing that I love is the “45 days on and 15 days off” concept. Our summer is 6 weeks long, with the school starting at the end of July. Kids get breaks. They can dive in and learn and then rest and play. I love that my daughter doesn’t have as much catch-up to do from her summer break. Being in our second year attending this school, I love watching her jump into the school year ready and refreshed.

I have had multiple conversations with parents about the year-round pros for their families. Some with families of healthy kids that thrive and just love school. But, I have also had conversation with parents of kids that are ill or have a hard time succeeding in a nine-month schooling environment. I am blown away at the personal testimonies of parents “winning” with their kids loving the year-round style.  Their kids are learning, retaining, and growing academically, socially and personally. They feel safe., are able to rest, and are also able to hurdle through the obstacles.

We are also big fans of having breaks for our family in the year.

October, Holiday (Dec-Jan) and Spring break all are three weeks off from school. Whether we are traveling on vacation or simply resting, it is fabulous for our family to reconnect and make memories together. The breaks MAXIMIZE FAMILY TIME. My kids get a real break and are ready to go back after the three weeks. These breaks are usually cheaper times for families to travel, since they are not “peak times” to fly or travel. BONUS! Our family loves long vacations and has made it a tradition to road trip to Florida for over two weeks for Spring Break every year, and this wouldn’t happen if our child was in a nine-month school year.

One of the top reasons I love the 45/15  year plan is that I AM A BETTER MOM.

I get to plan quality time with my kids and be the mom that I want to be. Don’t get me wrong, I love summer and all the things that happen in summer. But the traditional season is long, and I am ready for them to be back in school. Having three weeks off, three times a year, allows me to plan trips and dates with my kids and just be with them. We all crave that time, and I love looking forward to it!

The 45/15 school-year schedule has been such an amazing calendar for our family! I am so thankful Rochester has allowed this as an option for our family. I love the breaks it gives our family, and I have been so impressed with the staff/team at Longfellow. Their enthusiasm and support to and for our children is undeniable, authentic and world-changing.  

Every family has different reasoning and choices for what is best for their family. My family is so thankful for having this as a option for our kids! 


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  1. HI, I love 45/15 (and this is the schedule that most countries use). I wanted to say that I have come to realize that we are being (sort of) misleading. It is an 8 week summer (as opposed to 12) and 3 x 3 week breaks throughout the year. I could be wrong, but when people have no experience of this model, I suspect they have a picture of kids going to school all year…. I know it seems impossible, but I have run across this thought process before.

  2. My question is how would this work at the high school level with sports and kids who are working towards college money? Sports aren’t going to give athletes a three week break, and they will have games against schools who do not follow the 45/15. I like the idea for elementary, but I don’t think it’s sustainable for kids in extracurricular activities once they are older. Does anyone have experience with this?

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