One Dad’s Recommendation for Year Round Comfort and Style


men's clothesGrills, drills, and electronics are common gifts for dads year-round. But, why not consider his wardrobe?

Maybe your man is into fashion (or, you want him to be). Or, you’d like to treat him because he would never splurge on clothing for himself. If women can dress well (and comfortably) from the coffee shop and gym to the airport and happy hour, why can’t guys? They now can! 

My husband has slowly updated his closet with tops and bottoms that last longer, look nicer, and make him feel confident in what he’s wearing — to work, at home, and around town.

So to give you ideas, I raided his closet and polled our friends to compile a list of must-haves. These pieces are meant-to-last and according to my buddies, are ranked with 5-stars in comfort, style and versatility. Enjoy browsing!

While a variety of price points are listed – remember that some brands/stores hold annual sales or offer discounts with email sign-ups. So, scroll for that deal or check out knowing that you’re buying him something nice for your special gift and that will hold up over time. 

Price Points 
$ = <$50
$$ = $50-$99
$$$ = $100-$149
$$$$ = $150-$199
$$$$$ = >$200

Must Have Tees  
Best After Work Long Sleeves
Go-To Lightweight Quarter Zips
Comfortable & Stylish Sweatshirts
High-Quality Button-Ups
Long-lasting Everyday Polos 
Pants for Work & After Hours 
Pants Fit to Relax 
Casual Shoes with Style + Comfort 
Or …. Go Beneath the Layers 

Bombas socks actually hold up after washing and feel soft and fresh every time you put them on! Or, pick-up a pair of Thieves underwear — they’re so soft and breathable … a game changer for men on-the-go with sweaty jobs!

What did you click on? Share with a comment below or post links to other pieces that you think others would enjoy. I’m sure others would appreciate the ideas!


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