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skid loader

Earlier this year, Rochester Mom – in partnership with Destination Medical Center – launched a series called ♡Heart of the City for Rochester Families ♡.  Our goal is to help families in the Rochester MN area know all about this special construction project, share fun details and facts, and update the community on the project progress.  If you miss one of our updates, you can always access them at Rochester Mom on the ♡ of the City tab on our main navigation bar.

Construction work on the Heart of the City project has been moving right along!  So many new things happen each week.

Did you know:

  • The pavers have been laid for the 1st Avenue South block of the project
  • 8 caternary light pole foundations have been drilled.  These light poles will be between 24-28 feet high and will have hanging lights strung between them.
  • Work continues on the extensive snowmelt system located under the walkways
  • Several more trees will be planted in the spring
  • Work is now complete on the Peace Plaza scrim pool for the season!
  • hint: check the video below for even MORE fun facts!

If you’ve been following along with our ♡ Heart of the City for Rochester Families ♡ series, you know how much fun we like to have. We thought you might like to see what it’s like to drive a skid loader in the Heart of the City construction project.  Check it out!

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