Bored With Breakfast? My Top Five Rochester MN Places to Try!


breakfast food

On the weekends, breakfast is most certainly, the most important meal of the day. Going out for a feast of amazing eggs, buttery white toast, and mimosas are one of my favorite things we do as a family.

To this day, my father is still the biggest breakfast savant I know. His eggs, always, over easy must be cooked to runny perfection, the sausage should be in links, not patties and he does not want breakfast potatoes, they should be shredded hashbrowns. He keeps it simple, but the man knows a good breakfast when he has it! It is entirely fitting that I took on his love for breakfast and his quest for the perfect morning meal.

My husband Adam and I have lived in Rochester for eight years, and we’ve had hundreds of breakfasts in town. We continue the tradition and now take our son Fritz to breakfast every Saturday or Sunday, and these are some of our favorite local spots!

1. Brother’s Bar and Grill: Don’t let the word “bar” fool you. Brother’s is a totally family friendly breakfast spot. The food is inexpensive, the service is fast, and the mimosas come in a water glass. It is perfect. Make sure you get there early to snag a table, it gets busy fast!

2. Rooster’s Barn and Grill: We’ve taken my parents here, and Rooster’s even passed my dad’s test! I’m not sure if it was the food or the pull tabs but he had a great time.

3. Five West: If we are feeling a bit more put together we head over to Five West. We have loved taking Fritz there. The staff is always fantastic with him, and they usually bring him out a little plate of food, so he doesn’t have to wait on ours to be prepared. I love their veggie scramble on the weekend brunch menu.

4. Newt’s North: If you’re hungry, super hungry, Newt’s North is the place to eat! Newt’s is known for their burgers (and let’s be honest, their popcorn), but they kill it at breakfast too! You can’t go wrong with the Trash & Eggs and if you’ve feeling adventures their Ultimate Bloody Mary complete with a buffalo wing and slider!

5. Candian Honker: If you check our their Google reviews it is obvious why they made the list. A recent patron said, ” Was not disappointed at all. Best breakfast I’ve had hands down in a long time. The OJ was something I can’t even explain so creamy and delicious.” I could not agree more with this review! The food is classic, well made and delicious. It hits the spot every time and is super kid friendly!

Honorable Mentions:

The brunch at Pescara is excellent if you love buffet style. Pescara is not the most kid-friendly option in Rochester and is one of the more pricer dining options, but their gouda hashbrowns are worth every penny!

If you feel like going back in time Cheap Charlie’s is the only option. They serve what can only be defined as a hearty home-cooked meal in a very quaint atmosphere.

We also have enjoyed Grandma’s Kitchen. However, they aren’t open on Sundays which is one of our favorite days to eat out.

breakfast food