Homemade Cold Brew Coffee


cold brew coffeeI love coffee. I love iced coffee. I love hot coffee. I want coffee on the hard days and the celebratory days. Coffee provides me with comfort. If I could, I would buy an iced vanilla latte from a local coffee shop every single day. Believe me, I have tried to swing it. But my attempt at responsible money management doesn’t approve of this lifestyle. So in the summer, I try to satisfy my coffee cravings and protect my wallet a little by making cold brew coffee at home. And THIS summer, we need a lot of cold brew for coping. 

I have tried several different machines and methods and this is my tried and true cold brew recipe (recommended by my friend Kate Roberts). Every year when I make my first batch for the summer, my husband and I take a sip and let out a sigh of satisfaction exclaiming just how yummy it is. 

The recipe I use is by Gimme Some Oven 

Required Supplies:

  • 2 pitchers (I found super cheap and huge ones at Goodwill)
  • 1 strainer (that fits on top of the pitcher)
  • Cheesecloth
  • Ground coffee
  • Water
  • Milk or Milk substitute
  • Flavored syrup
  • Ice

The Waiting Game (The Worst Part)

In the evenings I grab a big pitcher and dump in two cups of my favorite ground coffee beans. Then, I fill it up with 8 cups of water and mix it up. I pray there is room in the fridge and shove the pitcher in. Let it sit overnight. 

The Harvest

In the morning, I grab an empty pitcher and place a strainer on top. Next, I line the strainer with some cheesecloth. (Don’t skip this step like I did the first time. The cheesecloth is a crucial additional layer to catch all of the coffee grounds. Without it, you are left with a thick layer of soot in your glass. Gross.) 

Then I pour all the coffee and grounds from the first pitcher into the cheesecloth strainer contraption. Sometimes I let it drip on its own. Other times I am just too impatient and gather the ends of the cheesecloth and squeeze it tight. I will admit it is pretty satisfying. 

The Clean Up

I then clumsily dump all the coffee grounds from the cheesecloth into the garbage can. I rinse the cloth off in the sink and hang it up to dry so I can use it the next day. I recommend washing it the next time you do laundry. 

The Glory

Then you can just look at the cold brew beauty you just created! 8 cups of liquid power.

From Cup to Mouth

I add a handful of ice to a glass and fill it up with cold brew until its about ⅔ full. Next, I pour in my desired amount of milk or cream. And if you are high maintenance like my husband and me, we add a couple splashes of vanilla syrup. I recommend just sipping on it until you find the perfect ratio. Mmmm it’s oh so good. 

Have you tried this method before? Do you have any tips or tricks? Share them here!


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