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An aerial view of the Peace Plaza – Heart of the City Construction Project

Earlier this summer, Rochester Mom in partnership with Destination Medical Center launched a brand new series called ♡Heart of the City for Rochester Families ♡.  Our goal is to help families in the Rochester MN area know all about this special construction project, share fun details and facts, and update the community on the project progress.  If you miss one of our updates, you can always access them at Rochester Mom on the Heart of the City tab on our main navigation bar.

Before bringing you up to date on what’s happening with all the construction downtown, we want to be sure you know all about the Scavenger Hunt (download here) or pick up a copy a the construction office) in the construction area with a weekly giveaway to Moka Coffee! Turn in your completed hunt at the construction office station and pick up a construction hat. DMC will let you know if you win!

Scavenger hunt construction station outside the construction office.

Completed Tasks

  • A LOT of concrete has been poured downtown in the last few weeks! Concrete strips and curbs were poured, as were foundations for lighting poles. The lighting poles will hold poles 24-28 feet tall that will support wire-strung lights across Peace Plaza.
  • In mid-October, the piping to the scrim pool was completed. The pipes will circulate water to the pool by pushing it to the fountain, out and over the pavers, and then recirculate it in and around the pool.
  • The scrim pool slab was poured Friday, October 30. According to the DMC construction, the pour stretched 125 yards and took 506,000 pounds of concrete. When the scrim pool is complete, a total of 1,215,000 pounds of concrete will have been used
  • Crews have been hard at work installing the snow melt system and pavers. This system will help keep sidewalks clear and safe for pedestrians year-round.
  • Eight more trees were planted along 1st Avenue North, and the tree boxes have been filled.
New pavers being laid on 1st Avenue SW looking north

Upcoming Announcements

  • This week, pavers will start to be installed going up to the edge of the buildings. This will bring the sidewalk closer to completion!
  • This year’s Here Comes Santa Claus event, organized by Rochester Downtown Alliance, will include a 12-day downtown scavenger hunt and a drive-through parade. Find more details here.
An aerial view of progress being made in front of Victoria’s on 1st Avenue SW looking south.

Fun Historical Discovery

While working on 1st Avenue South, crews uncovered three old coal chutes. These chutes were used to deliver coal to the basements of the buildings back when coal-burning furnaces were used to heat the buildings.

A historic coal chute found underneath the street by the Heart of the City construction crew
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