We Mean Business: Nominate to Highlight #RochMN Women


This series is sponsored by First Alliance Credit Union

At the very heart of Rochester Mom’s mission is the drive to empower women and build community.  We are honored to partner with First Alliance Credit Union for an an exciting new editorial series in 2020: We Mean Business.

This series will seek to highlight women in our community who mean it.  They mean it when it comes to their businesses, their families, their passions, their causes, and their vision for change.  Who are they?  The change-makers, the visionaries, the quiet forces.  Do you know someone like this?  Someone who passionately pursues what matters most to them in their homes, their place of work, or in and around #rochmn? Help us celebrate the women in our community!

Beginning on Friday, March 6th, 2020, the weekend of International Women’s Day, we will launch the first of our 6-part series highlighting the women in our community who Mean Business. You can read about our March 2020 Honorees here!

Nominations are only open for a limited time each month so be sure to submit yours today!  **Women do not have to be a mother or work outside the home to be nominated.  Please fill out the nomination form below! (Wait for confirmation of form submission before navigating away from the page.)


We Mean Business Nomination Form

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