Poshmark: Cash In On Your Closet Cleanup


At one point in my pregnancy, I looked at my closet and felt physically weighed down by all of the clothing that occupied it. There were pieces I loved: a vintage Chanel blazer, on an oversized cashmere sweater and my favorite jeans. I bet you have a pair too, the ones that suck you in, in all the right places. Then there were also pieces I hadn’t touched in years and dresses with the tags still on.

Donating a large portion of my clothes made the most sense, but I had pieces that possessed resale value, so I turned to Poshmark.

Poshmark is an app that allows you to easily resell your new or used designer clothing at a fraction of the price. Think Free People, Madewell, Lululemon, Louis Vuitton or Freshly Picked. They even have kid’s items – I just got Fritz a pair of Hunter wellies! I love browsing the children’s luxury section, just for fun!

Selling on Poshmark is super easy and you can do it all from your smartphone!  Download the app. Follow the prompts to set up your account, take photos of the items you want to sell, price them and start sharing.

Here is how I recently sold a designer tote bag, keep reading for some of my Poshmark tips!




1. Take photos. Make sure these are clear and bright. Use a solid backdrop and make sure to get all angles of the item you are selling. If there is specific wear or detail that the buyer needs to see, capture that as well.

2. Upload the photos.

3. The app will prompt you to describe the item you are selling with a headline about it. I usually use this to state what condition the article is in, how many times you have worn it and how I would describe it. For example: Like New “Brand Name” Tote! Used only a few times! Super chic!

4. You then will choose a category size and color. It asks for the price you paid and how much you are selling it for.

5. Then you POST! Poshmark will automatically share the new item in your closet with your followers, who can then share it with their followers.

This is where the fun starts. People have the option to send you offers for your goods. I  priced this bag at $200 because it was like-new and retailed for $348. I did get some low offers like $100, which you can click “reject”, but when an offer came in for $175 I clicked accept.

After your item sells you are sent a confirmation email. In that email, a prepaid USPS label is included. The buyer pays for shipping so you aren’t responsible for the cost, it is added to the cost of your item when they check out!  Your local post office has boxes (they are white and labeled expedited shipping) that are free of charge to use. Bring the item and the label to the post office, pack it up AND CONGRATS – you just made your first sale!!





Below are some of my top tips for selling!

1. Sell items that are in new or like new condition.

2. Things that have a higher retail price move the fastest, but to make them sell fast mark then down at over 50% off retail.

3. Connect with other “poshers” (that is what Poshmark calls sellers). A great way to do this is sharing items from their closet.

4. Label and describe your items in detail. They will sell faster! People love seeing measurements, heel heights and if possible the article on a body. A lot of my pieces no longer fit me, so I hop on the website I purchased it from to see if there are details.

5. If you are selling designer jeans, include the style and style number if possible

6. Ship the item you have sold quickly, wrap your package nicely and add a note! Shoppers will continue to come back!

7. Items that have done really well for me: sunglasses, like-new heels, and bags.

8. Items that are hard to sell: denim and blouses.

9. Create a bio about yourself in the “Meet Your Posher” section. Include photos of you in some of your favorite looks so that shoppers can get an idea of your style.

10. Be polite and be careful! People can be really ruthless, stick up for yourself and if a deal seems too go to be true ($1,000 bag for $50 – it is likely a fake).

Some of my favorite finds have been Hunter Boots for Fritz. I treated myself to red Chanel Ballet flats using credits I had.


red shoes


The funds you earn can be used on Poshmark or deposited directly into your bank account. Poshmark takes a small cut of your sale and you keep the rest!


This guide on Poshmark is super helpful. It is super in-depth and a great resource.

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