My Mom Skin in a World of Insta-Perfection


skin careI can look back at my wedding pictures and daydream… because that is not the skin I have anymore! Now, I have “mom skin.” I have wrinkles, sun spots/freckles, areas with weird texture, post-acne scars, and even some new breakouts. I have bags under my eyes and dehydrated skin because, let’s face it, I am tired and never drink enough water.

As a mom of little kids, the last 7 years have been a roller-coaster. I often didn’t even have enough time to wash my face before I hit the ground running. But I am thankful to say that I have entered a slightly less demanding season of life. My boys are getting older and are becoming more independent, even if only slightly. With my newfound me-time, I have been experimenting with my skin care regimen. I DO NOT have Insta-worthy, perfect, pore-less skin. But, let’s be real – neither do most of the influencers! Even-so, here are a few lessons I have learned… from someone with mom skin to another.

  • Do the double cleanse! – Double cleansing has seriously changed the way I take care of my face. A one-and-done cleanse just isn’t enough to get my face completely clean, especially on the days I wear makeup. The first cleanse removes the majority of my makeup and the second catches all the bits left behind. I will even triple cleanse sometimes when I am feeling extra dirty. It works!
  • Mild exfoliation makes my face glow. – I have rather sensitive skin and cannot tolerate the stronger exfoliants but I am loving some mild chemical exfoliants lately. I only use them once or twice a week.
  • Serums –  Most of the serums I use are ones that will help retain moisture because I have super dry skin. But there are all kinds of serums out there with active ingredients to fix any concerns you may have.
  • Retinol is the magic ingredient for fine lines and wrinkles. There are tons of products with retinol nowadays. But it can be a little irritating so I only use this once or twice a week as well.
  • Treatments galore!
    • Facials – I recently got a facial for the first time in a LONG time. It was relaxing as well as informative. Definitely find a person you trust to ask questions and take a deeper look at your skin.
    • Dermaplaning – Dermaplaning is when a fine blade (like a scalpel) is used to shave off dead cells and the peach fuzz. It left my skin feeling baby’s butt smooth! They suggest doing this monthly.
    • Microneedling – I have been interested in this for a while but haven’t taken the plunge yet. Microneedling uses very small needles to cause micro-injuries to the skin. The micro-injuries trick the body into healing itself in the applied area. This is another wrinkle/texture treatment solution.
  • Okay, I’ll Sunscreen. – If I’m honest, I was reluctant to use daily sunscreen. The white cast of most sunscreens was a huge turn off. But I have finally found a product that I like which makes it easier to incorporate on a daily basis.
  • Influencers I follow –
    • Mixed Makeup – Susan Yara is a level-headed influencer who creates very interesting videos with reviews and information on various skin topics.
    • James Welsh – James creates videos with product reviews and skin care information but he also sheds light on the art of photo retouching and the filter effects in other influencer videos.
    • Dr. Vanita Rattan – Dr. Rattan is a dermatologist and cosmetic formulator, specifically for skin of color. While I don’t have darkly pigmented skin, she has some great research-based recommendations that anyone can follow!

Through all my learning about skin care, I have also become more aware of what is normal. Normal skin has texture, pores, and will develop wrinkles. And while I am working to improve my skin, I am also working to love my skin for how it is! No one’s skin is perfect and I am proud to have my mom skin!

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Things Heather loves: blue skies, green grass, trees rustling in the wind. Heather is a country girl through and through. She grew up on 10 acres of rolling countryside in SE Iowa. Over the course of their marriage, Heather and her husband (Ted) have lived in 3 different states. But Heather grew tired of the big, grey city so, in 2012, they moved to Rochester (Ted’s hometown) for some green Minnesota living. Fast forward a few short years and she now has three bustling boys – Everett (2015), Judah (2016) and Monroe (2019). Heather also loves food. Full disclosure - she eats ice cream every night! She is a registered dietitian and is passionate about how she feeds her family. She has recently taken a job at Olmsted County WIC (Women, Infants and Children) after being a licensed family childcare provider for about 4 years. She loved her daycare families and also loves helping her WIC families. Her goal is to offer her readers with practical tools so they may also feed their families well!


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