Guide to Gear: Warm Weather Edition


kid in poolWindows open, the breeze in your hair, or the air conditioner pumping–this is a no-judgment zone. As Minnesotans, we spend all year waiting for the summer months, and if you’re anything like me, like to spend all the time you can soaking up the sun and beauty of the outdoors. A new season also comes with a ton of new gear. Here are my picks for a fun and functional summer. 


My two-year old Fritz goes through shoes every few months. For the colder months, I usually buy him Vans, and for summer, there is no better shoe, in my opinion than Native. I buy Fritz the Jefferson style (I got him a super cool olive green and black pair for this year) but have heard from parents who have kids with wide feet that the Jefferson style doesn’t work. The Miles is better for kids with a fuller foot! 


Sun protection gear is no joke, and while we have a hard time keeping a hat on Fritz, these are some of my favorites. I tend to look for one with UPF 50. This $12.50 hat from Amazon is the first hat I bought Fritz for school. I liked that it was adjustable, ties, and covers the neck. It also comes in a ton of colors and sizes.

In the summer, I wear my straw hat all the time and will be ordering this one for Fritz. I like the wide brim and chin strap.

Baseball hats are great for any age and gender. I love supporting smaller brands, and we have found the Jack & Winn hats to are so well made and so cute! If solids are more your thing, you will adore Rad River Co. I met Bree, the owner, through Instagram, and she is the kindest human. 


I stocked up on sunscreen before our trip to Florida in February and stuck with what I loved, and they didn’t disappoint. Now that it’s summer, I’ve stocked up with them again. Thinkbaby SPF 50+ is my absolute favorite! I pick it up at Target and always send a tube with Fritz to school. My number one spray-on sunscreen is Sun Bum Mineral. If you like a spray, but don’t want a mineral sunscreen, I’ve found that COOLA works very well and is organic. 

Parents, don’t forget about your face! My favorite brand for myself is Elta MD. You can purchase it locally at Ageless Aesthetics.

Side note: chemical and mineral sunscreens work a bit differently. I tend to rely upon medical expertise when choosing which to use and found this article extremely helpful.


Swimwear is of my favorite things to buy Fritz, but I usually have a hard time finding something I like, and end up spending a fortune. With that in mind, I believe quality swimwear is worth the investment. These Rash Guards are amazing, they are SPF 50 and are unisex. It has held up amazing through sprinklers, pools, and beaches.

We also love Hanna Anderson swimwear. They are a bit more expensive, but you can usually catch a sale. The swimsuit blocks 97% of UVA/UVB rays, and they have the cutest prints. 

Summer in Minnesota is fleeting, so hopefully this list gives you a shortcut to order the gear you need and head back outside. Soak up every minute of fun and sun with your kiddos!

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Molly has lived in Rochester for eight years. She resides blissfully with her husband Adam, one-year-old Fritz and pup Henry. Molly works for a digital agency managing a large media partnership. At work, she is Type A, but when it comes to momming she lets the five-second rule go out the window. Though not a long-tenured mom, Fritz has shown Molly that she was always meant to be a mama. She has cultivated a passion for all things mom and baby and loves trying out new baby products and lines. She also loves connecting with other mom's - especially those with little ones around Fritz's age. When not working or folding tiny human clothes, Molly loves reading, shopping, Sauvignon Blanc and hanging with her gals.