Spark Imagination, Read! – Summer Reading Program


Okay, so I might be dating myself a little bit here, but do you remember the Book It program from the 80s and 90s? I don’t know about you, but I found getting gold stars on my pin and my own personal pan pizza incredibly motivating, and after a while, I found myself reading because I wanted to read; it wasn’t just about the sticker and Canadian Bacon anymore. That desire to want to read is SO important, especially now when screens are there to tempt us and our children constantly. Looking ahead to the summer, are you hoping to see your kiddos flipping pages rather than flipping channels? Spark, right here in Rochester, is ready to help! 

This summer, Spark is offering a program to motivate young readers; it’s called, “Spark Imagination, Read! 100 Book Reading Challenge”. Starting June 1st, stop by Spark at the Apache Mall and pick up the materials needed to get the challenge started, which includes a poster kids can color to keep track of their progress. Spark is even offering special programming and books at the museum periodically to keep that reading “spark” glowing! Spark wants to help children reach their reading goals. Like any good challenge, there will be rewards, too! Prizes will be awarded to children after reading 50 and 100 books. You can get all the information on the challenge at the front desk of Spark, and your children can start the challenge at any time during the summer.

Something I am thinking of doing is completing the challenge along with my kids, although I might need to make my goal a little bit more manageable, like 5 and 10 books. That way we can keep ourselves accountable, and I can not only model being a reader, but make time to read, too! And if I can meet the challenge, I already know my reward: pizza!…And seeing my kids reading.



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