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Dogs Downtown

Bring your dog and family out to this free event all about dogs that includes crafts, games, activities, and free items. Dogs must be...
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21 Ways to Spend Two Hours in Rochester MN

Whether you're between appointments, tournament games, or concert times, Rochester MN is home to a plethora of activities for the whole family.
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Rochester MN Guide to November Events

The chill is here to stay friends! Let's embrace it! Check out all of the family friends November events in Rochester, MN!

Rochester MN Guide to Things to Do With Kids Under Two 

Here is a comprehensive list of appropriate things to do and places to see for those little minds, and very busy bodies, in and near Rochester, Minnesota.  

It’s a Snow Day! A Mom’s Guide to Activities

  It's a Snow Day!  Whether you are super bummed or super pumped...your kids might be looking for things to do.  Check out this list...
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8 Places to Burn Energy in Rochester MN

Rochester MN has so many great opportunities for indoor activities to help blow off some steam. Check out the list below of ways to help alleviate pent-up energy while making lasting memories with your family!

Can You Solve the Clues? | ♡ Heart of the City...

Figure out the clues at the Heart of the City construction site in Rochester MN. Each photo is zoomed in really close to make it tricky!
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Summer Trend: Tie Dye DIY

I remember my first tie dye. I was in 9th grade at a youth convention in St. Louis, MO. During the day they would...

Get to Know the Workers | ♡ Heart of the City...

We know that Heart of the City, a DMC project, is underway! But do you know the people who are making it happen? Get to know the Heart of the City workers!

The Most Important Work – Infrastructure! | ♡ The Heart of...

The work that is happening in the Heart of the City in downtown Rochester MN right now is called the infrastructure. Learn more about why this work is so important.