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Candid Conversations with Monica Taylor-Desir, MD, MPH

Through this series, we will get to know a little bit about someone you may have not met yet. With these conversations, we hope strengthen our community, one connection at a time.

Embracing Black History in #RochMN – John Hardy

Since John Hardy opened the doors in 1972, the barbeque restaurant has always been a popular eatery in Rochester.

Embracing Black History in #RochMN – George W. Gibbs Jr.

Gibbs’ fortitude during the trek to the icy South Pole paid off and at age 22 he was given the honor of being first to step off the ship. George Gibbs Jr. became the first person of African decent to visit the continent of Antarctica. 

Give Five: National Organizations Making a Difference

This month we are sharing some organizations that are making a difference for people of color on a national scale. These programs and initiatives are doing some very important work.

Give 5: Anti-Racist Books to Diversify Your Reading

Here, we are introducing some books, many of them written by people of color, and a short explanation of why they are a great addition to your anti-racism work.

Meet the Contributor: Erica Ross

When Erica is not working as a Librarian at Mayo Clinic, she is consumed by creative projects. She has poured her heart into making thousands of masks during the pandemic, and now is more focused on making polymer clay jewelry.

Give 5: Documentaries to Diversify Your Screen

Below is just a small list of some of the incredible documentaries focusing on racism and BIPOC lives available on streaming services.

Give 5: Podcasts to Diversify Your Playlist

Here, we are introducing some podcasts, many of them hosted by people of color, and highlighting some specific episodes that focus on anti-racism.

Give 5: Diversifying your Vocabulary

We've broken down some of the more common terms and phrases, and included links and resources to help diversify your vocabulary.

Raising Anti-Racists: Books to Encourage Open Conversation

One suggestion for parents in reading these amazing books to young children, is to read the Author’s Notes before launching into the book with your child. They are chock full of context and perspective that will help you in explaining things to your child as the stories unfold.