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Anti-depressants Make Me a Better Mom

Before antidepressants, I was not the mom that did fun things often, because all of the fun things sounded like they would be so much work.

Abby’s Story, Part 1: Diagnosis and Treatment

My doctor was pretty sure at this point that I had endometriosis, and scheduled a laparoscopy to get a better look of what was going on.
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What Better Time to Try Out Therapy Than During a Pandemic

I have always been an advocate for mental health awareness, therapy, and medication. I have encouraged several friends to look into all 3 options. It is just the first time that I personally had no more excuses.
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I Am Anonymous: Another Upside to Masks

I could tell I was panicking. I wasn’t scared of catching the virus, but I was scared of wearing that mask every time I needed to go into public.

Learning from My Lowest Low

Sometimes the truth is tough. The beast (my anxiety) has been there most of my life. Now I am aware of my triggers or when I am having an off day.
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Anxiously Unseen

My interactions throughout the day often leave me feeling misunderstood, misinterpreted, or even ignored. Unseen. Invisible. 

Smothered by Anxiety

I did everything that was expected of me (or what I thought was expected of me) with mini anxiety-attacks smothering me along the way. 

Alcohol in Isolation: How Much is Too Much?

The stores are running out of toilet paper, and liquor store sales are up. The way we connect with people has changed, and so has the way we consume alcohol.
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Take Care Of Yourself Mama, Your Kids Are Watching

I’ve been working hard to take care of myself in this way. I’ve made some big lifestyle changes and found some new self-care practices that work for me.
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8 Ways to Cope with Anxiety and Social Distancing

This last week has been so overwhelming and I have experienced a wide range of emotions from anxiety to depression to confusion and everything in between.