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Creating a Summer Bucket List For Kids 5 and Under

The worst part about summer though?  It's here and gone in what feels like the blink of an eye.  The time just seems to go twice as fast that time of year.

5 Winter Reads for your Tween

These 5 winter reads should ramp up your children's imaginations, get them excited about the cold and the snow, and help them appreciate central heating. 

Read to Me: A Minnesota Author Roundup

No matter the age of your child (or YOUR inner child) there is a book for you! Here is a roundup of our family's favorite Minnesota authors.

I Flew With a Toddler and You Can Too!

This would be our first time flying with a toddler. I didn’t know how someone who loved moving around would handle having to sit still for the whole flight.

Dear Husband: What I Really Want for Mother’s Day

Dear Husband, Here's what I really want for Mother's Day: Experiences rather than things. Thanks for helping me be the best mom I can be.

“Mom, what’s a refugee?”

My child asked me about refugees. I looked to the library for help sharing with her what it means to be a refugee, and here are the best resources I found.

Slogging Feet, Sludge Brain: Tips to Defeat The Winter Doldrums

The winter doldrums are in full swing. It's still too dark, too gloomy, and too cold. Here are my tips for surviving this time of year.

Back to School at Rochester Public Library

It's time to go back to school, and staff in Youth Services at Rochester Public Library are getting ready for another season of youth events at the library.

I Love My Kid’s Bedtime (And Not For the Reason You...

I love bedtime, and not for the reasons you think! Our bedtime routine gives me the chance to get everything right at the end of the day.

A Journey Into the Magical World of Harry Potter

I am a Harry Potter diehard fan! I'll never forget the moment I cracked open the first book and delved into the magical world of wizards and muggles.