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Story-Time Round-Up

  **Post updated August 10th, 2021 Due to Covid-19, many story times have been temporarily closed. This post will be updated as more story times...

5 Family Fun Hikes in Rochester MN

Enjoy these 5 family fun hikes in the Rochester MN area!

Truths About Pregnancy and Having A Baby After A Miscarriage

this post was originally published on October 15, 2016. The truth is that one in four pregnancies end in miscarriage. This is a staggering statistic, yet...

Be Prepared For Your Best Summer Yet

As we are preparing ourselves for another glorious Minnesota summer, make sure your family is prepared for these helpful safety tips! We also have a FREE printable so these tips are easily accessible.

On Missing the Baby Years

As much as I miss the baby years, they give way to some pretty cool stuff that comes with growing up. Those moments and stages are also irreplaceable. 

Love Follows: Raising a Family Far From Family

Being far from family, neighbors, and town took a while to get used to. The winters were especially isolating since it was hard to leave home sometimes.

Mom Was Right: 8 Truths Our Parents Nagged Us About

I really do understand now. Our immature and invincible youth just doesn't see that there is a purpose to what our parents want from us.

Scraps In The Fridge: Real Life Games for Families

Wife vetoes each of them until Husband is completely exasperated. Winning the game: Wife finally decides what she is hungry for and just picks something.

Cold Lunch: Beyond the Sandwich

My kids aren't very picky eaters, but that sandwich in the Ziploc bag with the soggy bread...I wouldn't want that in my cold lunch either.

The Other Woman

There's another woman in our life. She's our daycare provider, and she loves our sons infinitely more than I could have dreamed.