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Labor and Delivery During a Pandemic- A Nurse’s Perspective

Fast forward to the year 2020, and COVID-19. The pandemic has changed a lot of things in our labor and delivery unit.

Slowing Down: Growing and Learning at Home

Slowing down really forced me to look within more than usual. Through this process, there are several things I've learned about myself

Teacher in Mourning

Let me give it to you straight, just like I do my students: I’m a teacher in mourning. I’ve experienced so much grief in the last few weeks and absolutely no closure.

We Appreciate YOU! A Thank You to Teachers and Childcare Providers

I respected you before but now I really applaud you and appreciate all that you do. We couldn’t get through this without you!

Smothered by Anxiety

I did everything that was expected of me (or what I thought was expected of me) with mini anxiety-attacks smothering me along the way. 

Working from Home … Longer Than They Normally Do

However, over the last few weeks things changed from the normal routine, as my sweet, loving, OCD, clean-freak hubby will now be working from home for an indeterminate amount of days--scratch that--weeks!

Battling Depression During COVID-19

Depression on a normal pre-COVID day was awful, but now the social supports, structure outside of the home, my professional work, and short breaks from my kids isn't possible.

Celebrating Our Educators and Child Care Providers During COVID-19

Teacher and Child Care Provider Appreciation week is May 4th-8th. Here are some ideas and local resources to help make the hardworking educators and care providers in your child’s life feel extra special.

Alcohol in Isolation: How Much is Too Much?

The stores are running out of toilet paper, and liquor store sales are up. The way we connect with people has changed, and so has the way we consume alcohol.

May Day Baskets to Surprise Friends, Family + Neighbors!

Celebrate the arrival of spring by delivering May Day baskets to your loved ones!