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Catching our Breath: Relief in an Asthma Diagnosis

I also feel joy that there is hope in this asthma diagnosis, and we are finding a solution. In this new place, there are tears; lots of tears. I cannot pinpoint exactly where they come from, but they feel good.

Abby’s Story, Part 1: Diagnosis and Treatment

My doctor was pretty sure at this point that I had endometriosis, and scheduled a laparoscopy to get a better look of what was going on.

Lyme Disease: It’s Not What You Think

Lyme Disease often takes time to diagnose, and even longer to recover from. It's okay to get a second opinion, and to advocate for yourself and your child.

Celebrating the Holidays: How to Survive Changing Family Dynamics

Where and when possible establish new traditions or modify previous traditions that no longer work because of changing family dynamics.

 It’s Nothing Personal, Yoga, But You Ruined My Life: Raising Awareness...

Perhaps it's too harsh to say yoga ruined my life, but it has given me chronic pain and joint issues that forced me to completely change my daily routine.

I Am a Cancer Mom, But Please, Don’t Call Me Strong

 This journey as a cancer mom will never be over. I will never finish the lap and walk away. It will never be completely in the past.