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Candid Conversations with Shruti Saraswat

I remember after school, on hot summer days, sitting in air conditioning with my sister enjoying the Daal rice my mom prepared as we told her about our day. Daal rice is the first thing I cook when returning home from a long trip.

Embracing Black History in #RochMN: Early Black Medical Professionals

We honor the achievements of these early Black medical professionals who persevered in a time when society and the field of medicine were set against them at nearly every turn.

Candid Conversations with Manal Abbadi Whitfield

Candid Conversations will invite you to hear the stories, life, and work of BIPOC people living in Rochester MN. We invite you to read to learn, seek to understand, and thoughtfully engage.

Give 5: Local Organizations Making A Difference in #RochMN

This month we are focusing on some local organizations that are making a difference for people of color in the Rochester community.

Give 5: Anti-Racist Books to Diversify Your Reading

Here, we are introducing some books, many of them written by people of color, and a short explanation of why they are a great addition to your anti-racism work.

Give 5: Documentaries to Diversify Your Screen

Below is just a small list of some of the incredible documentaries focusing on racism and BIPOC lives available on streaming services.

Give 5: Podcasts to Diversify Your Playlist

Here, we are introducing some podcasts, many of them hosted by people of color, and highlighting some specific episodes that focus on anti-racism.

Give 5: Social Media Accounts to Follow to Diversify Your Feed

Diversify your social media feed by including those deidcated to diversity, activism, racial justice, and anti-racism in our country and local community.

Give 5: TV Shows to Diversify Your Kids’ World

While we teach our kids to get along with others and be inclusive of those that are different from them, it's important to make sure the content our kids view on television is held to this standard too.

My Interracial Marriage: A Conversation about Race

In all honesty, I’ve never really thought that much about race, probably because I’m white. I’ve never had to. My husband is Black, and...