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Embracing Black History Month in #RochMN: the Mendenhalls

In 1965, education brought the first Black educators to Rochester, MN in the husband-wife teaching duo of Rodney and Virginia Mendenhall.

Give 5

Rochester Mom has launched a resource series called Give Five. The idea of Give Five is simple. We are inviting you to Give Five minutes to read through each of these posts to learn more about antiracism.

Celebrating Our Educators and Child Care Providers

Teacher and Child Care Provider Appreciation week is May 4th-8th. Here are some ideas and local resources to help make the hardworking educators and care providers in your child’s life feel extra special.

5 Places to Introduce Kids to Art In Rochester MN

Gorgeous, world famous works of art are fun to have on a “bucket list,” but a closer look reveals that art abounds in our community. From world famous artists to those just starting out, Rochester MN is thick with self expression in all of its forms.

Dear Teachers, From a Homeschool Mom

Dear Teachers, you are heroes. You have always been heroes, but especially now...you are super heroes. You are what make our schools great.

What I’d Like to Say to My Son on National Grammar...

Invest the time to develop good language skills and employ the correct use of grammar in the languages you learn – it will serve you well. At the same time, recognize your privilege to be able to do so.

Paper Clips and Bottom Wiping: Life Skills You May Not Realize...

I have met and taught hundreds of elementary age students and parented two of them. I've had a few entertaining encounters as I came to a realization about a life skill I needed to explicitly teach my students (or offspring).

10 Things to Consider Before Changing Careers

The desire to change careers (or even alter positions in the same field) can be intimidating and stressful, even before any change occurs.

Saying Goodbye Again: From Working to SAHM to Preschool

It broke my heart that I was leaving her in tears. Although I was glad to be supporting our family financially, I wanted to be home.

Loving Stories

Storytelling is like magic and I find it very challenging to create something from nothing. I suppose I fall more in line with my mother’s method of grabbing the nearest book when my children need to be entertained. I started early and often with Taylor.