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Celebrating the Holidays: How to Survive Changing Family Dynamics

Where and when possible establish new traditions or modify previous traditions that no longer work because of changing family dynamics.

The Fourth Trimester: Cesarean vs. Home Birth

Part of the reason I chose to pursue a home birth with my second baby was that I was convinced my postpartum difficulties the first time were due to an unplanned, traumatic c-section.

Give It Six Months: A Story of Post-Adoption Depression

Post-Adoption blues or depression is just as real as postpartum depression.  Do not hesitate to seek a professional counselor or therapist.  

Dear New Mom: You’re Normal

Sometimes, when you're a new mom, all you need to hear is that you are not crazy. You're not the only one who feels like this.
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It’s Okay to be a Happy Mom

We live in a noisy world where negatively can be found at every turn. But each mama gets to choose how she reacts. It's okay to be a happy mom.

Words Matter: How To Teach Your Kids To Use Their Words...

Words matter. Living in the age of online anonymity, it's easy to spew words across a screen. Here are five ways to teach our kids that our words do matter.

Back To School: When Firsts And Lasts Collide

EVERYTHING changes when school starts again. There are new teachers, new groups of friends, and new things to learn. There are a lot of firsts and lasts.


Please can we trust our instincts and abilities as moms? Perfection is not the goal here. Let's focus on being confident as moms. Mom-fidence.

Saying Goodbye (You Don’t Have to Embrace It)

Today, I gave my husband fair warning: "I'm feeling a little emotional lability, so consider yourself warned." We do that.  I'm not by nature a...

Ask the Counselor: “Am I Enough?”

“I constantly feel like I am never doing enough. I constantly feel like I am treading water and just getting by as a person...