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Things to Do in Rochester MN Over Memorial Day Weekend

So many great things to do over Memorial Day weekend in Rochester MN! Use our handy guide to find some family fun.

Where to See the Rochester Caledonia Pipe Band on St. Patrick’s...

This year on March 17th 2022, the Rochester Caledonia Pipe Band will be bringing their traditional Highland bagpipes and drums and festive spirit to St. Patrick's Day celebrations all over town.

Rochester MN Guide to Free Fun

Rochester MN has so many options when it comes to free fun and free things to do! Use our guide to navigate all the Fabulous Free Fun in town!

Rochester MN Guide to Summer + Bucket List

Your Ultimate Guide to Summer in Rochester MN! Use the free bucket list printable to create your best summer yet!

What’s Up at the Co-op? | Summer Edition

While our summer might be slowing down, things are picking up at People's Food Co-op! Check out all of the specials and promotions headed your way this summer!

Rochester MN Moms Guide to the Month of May

Welcome to May! It's time for all those soggy April days to pay off and for May to show us some color! Here's our guide to the month of May in Rochester.

RMMB Turns One! {A Birthday Bash Recap}

RMMB Turns One! We had an incredible time at our first Birthday Bash. One thing is for sure...Rochester MN Moms know how to have fun! We want to sincerely thank our 20+ sponsors and the local moms that came to help us celebrate at our venue the Bleu Duck Kitchen!

2016 Guide to Fall Festivals & Events

Are you looking for a fun family fall event or fun run to keep your family busy and outdoors and enjoying the beautiful weather this fall? Check out the...

Family Events Calendar

A Rochester Mom’s Guide to the Month of September

Soon the air will be crisp and summer days at the pool just a fond memory. It's September! Check out all the local events to keep your family engaged and on the move!