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Our 10-Day Camper Trip, Part 2: Montana

First, I will be very honest, from Minnesota, this state is far! But once there, we enjoyed our time in Montana. It was like an automatic relaxation mode was turned on.

Guide to Local Caving Adventures

Cave exploration, in my opinion, is the perfect family summer adventure-it has natural air conditioning and is void of mosquitos!

Our Mini Thru-Hike Adventure on the Douglas Trail

Our idea for a mini Thru-Hike on the Douglas Trail from Pine Island to Rochester was born. Nature is my go-to for helping them experience life.

“Be One with Nature,” They Said

Have I ever been that excited to hike before? Never. Did I know what I was doing? Absolutely not. But we were doing it! The kids were excited. I was excited. Matt was rightfully cautious.