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Pieces of Me: My Miscarriage Story

"The thing about miscarriages is that they're not uncommon. They're not taboo. And most importantly, they're not your fault. Or my fault. Or anyone's fault. But that doesn't really mean much to someone who's experienced one because ultimately, it's losing a piece of yourself."

Surviving the Trauma of Childhood Cancer: Our Family’s Story

Our family now sees September in a whole new light: it’s time to pound the ground and advocate for Childhood Cancer Awareness. Here's a bit of our story.

5 Family Fun Hikes in Rochester MN

Enjoy these 5 family fun hikes in the Rochester MN area!
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What a Gift: Watching My Brother & His Wife Love My...

My brother and his wife love my children with their hearts and souls, and it shows through how they live.  I’m grateful and do not take them for granted.

Valentine’s Day Traditions For the Family

I am a big fan of Valentine's Day for many reasons. I love any excuse to show my family that I love them. I...
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Celebrating the Holidays: How to Survive Changing Family Dynamics

Where and when possible establish new traditions or modify previous traditions that no longer work because of changing family dynamics.
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To Santa or Not To Santa?

I was caught off guard when my son directed one of his many specific and well-thought-out questions towards the idea of Santa. I suddenly realized that this might be it. The make-or-break year. The "either decide to go all in or decide to tell the truth" year. The "either way, I'll probably feel like I'm doing the wrong thing" year. Because here's the thing: when you have an analytical child, you can't just casually do Santa.
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Make a Family Playdate With the TerraLoco Summer Challenge

Let this “Wild Summer Challenge” be the beginning of a lifetime of “Family Play Dates.” Play together, enjoy one another, and create memories.

My Life’s Purpose (It’s Beyond Motherhood)

The truth is, purpose is not found in a career or even a title. While many of us do have fulfilling, even honorable careers, purpose is found beyond that.

Mom’s Day Off: The Saturday of Mother’s Day Weekend

What I wanted for Mother's Day was to do whatever I wanted to do, and not feel guilty about it (especially if it was something I wanted to do without them).