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Field Trip Friday: Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota

You know you've found a gem of a place when you buy a membership to a children's museum that's about 1.5 hours from home.

Field Trip Friday: Minnesota History Center (St. Paul, MN)

This is not your typical history museum! No roped off areas where you just gaze at decaying smelly artifacts. Interactive. Full hands-on experiences and...

Field Trip Friday: Austin, MN

My family loves to hop in the car and go on an adventure. After commuting to Austin, MN for the past 5 years, we developed some favorite adventure spots.

Field Trip Friday: The National Eagle Center

The National Eagle Center is definitely worth a trip- at least once. The Eagles are mesmerizing and their passion is contagious.

Field Trip Friday: Elba Fire Tower

The Historic Elba Fire Tower is your ticket to touching the clouds. This is the only fire tower available to climb in Southern Minnesota.