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flowers and plants

I Talk to My Plants: Adventures of a Crazy Plant Lady

I talk to my plants. I actually do. When I plant them, I welcome them to the garden, and say things like "I hope you'll be very happy here!"
windowsill gardening

Windowsill Gardening: Growing Veggies From Scraps

The kids have enjoyed helping and watching our little seedlings grow. We're learning together about gardening, taking care of our plants, and reducing food waste.

How Does Your Garden Grow: 5 Plants Kids Will Enjoy

Not only does he see firsthand how food is grown, he takes pride in helping me tend to the plants and harvest the bounty!

We Tried A Garden…

To say I am sold on gardening would be an understatement. I love it! It's relaxing, fun and a great opportunity for me to make an additional contribution.

Grown with Love: Bringing Back the Family Victory Garden

It's time for a victory garden! As a family, we've harvested good food and valuable life lessons from our vegetable garden.