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DIY: Ice Luminaries

I make long lists of outdoor activities we should do. In reality, most of the time the brutally harsh air pushes me back inside the moment I set a toe out the door.

10 (no food) Date Ideas In the Rochester MN Area

My husband and I don't go on many dates. However, when we do, we try to find unique activities that aren't the typical "dinner and a movie".
taking a walk

The Simplicity of Taking a Walk

Try going for a walk outside. Sometimes the most simple thing like a walk outside can be the most beneficial for your mood and energy. 

The Journey Worth Taking

I used to feel distracted and rushed to find the "destination" on our adventures, but over the years, I've really learned to enjoy the actual journey, not just the destination.

Warning: Busy Season Ahead

Even with the added craziness of it all, I still adore autumn in Minnesota. It's a beautiful reminder to me every year to live life to the fullest and yet also to slow down enough to enjoy it. 

Surviving Cabin Fever Like a Mother

These kids are sunshine-deprived, inside-bound, energizer bunny, stir-crazy little monsters who are in serious need of springtime and exercise.

Surviving Water Life With Kids In Tow

Have several floaties in the water at all times - noodles, inner tubes, kick boards, water mats … they give kids something to reach for if they get nervous.
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Get Outside with the MN DNR: “I Can” Camp… and You...

The Minnesota DNR “I Can" program is the perfect opportunity to expose your kids to camping without making a huge financial investment.

At Home Sanity Savers: Make a Boring Day Extraordinary

Occupying kids doesn't need to be an expensive, complicated struggle-fest -- we just need to have a few ideas ready, like some of my favorite sanity savers.
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Check It Out! Construction in The Med City

Behind the Post Bulletin there is an extremely large construction project going on and the whole site is visible from the skyway and parking ramps.